The Galactica Star: an exquisite creation by the Heesen shipyard

Federico Tibytt

The expansive and sophisticated spaces exalt the pleasure of sailing aboard this mega yacht that combines a sporty performance with unparalleled design.


Sportsmanship, elegance and speed are three attributes highly prized by lovers of super yachts, and Galactic Star designed by the prestigious Dutch shipyard Hessen Yachts more than meets these demands. It is the only yacht this size (65 meters or 210 feet in length) to offer a unique feature called Fast Displacement (FDHF).

Galactica Star

Under the name Omnia Project, Galactica Star was built from the concepts and designs of Hessen’s naval experts, in collaboration with Oossanen’s engineers and the architects of the awarded Omega studio, who designed the exterior of the ship.

Completed in 2013, this impressive yacht offers luxurious accommodations for 12 passengers and a crew of up to 13 people.

The hull and superstructure of the boat are made entirely of aluminum to generate better performance with less weight. The FDHF scheme, originally developed by the Oossanen studio offers a sailing experience of exceptional stability and performance, propelled by two MTU engines of 5,590 hp each and advanced active stabilization systems. Its maximum speed is 27 knots, with a generous range of up to 4,200 nautical miles (7,778 kilometers).

Galactica Star
Galactica Star

The distribution of the rooms and the interior decor offer the greatest enjoyment of outdoor life, with huge deck spaces on its three levels and a terrace, in addition to the big windows that flood with natural light every space in the ship’s interior.

One of the main attributes of this galactic star of the seas is its huge aft deck: it includes two stories, folding 10 square meters (107 square feet) gangplanks, a huge Jacuzzi and very generous solarium spaces. As if all this were not enough, on the third level, on the bow, there is another area that can be used as a helicopter landing platform (touch and go). Located just below is a parking space for additional vessels, which can be accessed from two imposing side gates.

Galactica Star

On the main level is located a stateroom that occupies the full width of the boat, and includes a dressing room, a bathroom and a private bureau, followed towards the aft by the kitchen, the main living area that an impressive dining table large enough to seat 12 people, a stylish bar and a lounge with sofas and coffee tables, soley for the use of the owner. The rest of the rooms, both VIP and regular, are located on the lower level and equiped with private bathrooms.

A retro look was chosen for this ship, clear echoes of the 1960s and 1970s, with polished textures, curved lines, fabric coatings and bulky furniture.

The Galactica Star displays a young, sporty style that invites you to enjoy outdoor navigation, but always with an eye on luxury and elegance.

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