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Flashcat 83: A New Concept For A Luxurious Catamaran

Federico Tibytt

This vessel from the Spanish shipyard Flash Catamarans is specially designed to accommodate large events and delight diving enthusiasts.

Catamaran owners love the wide-open spaces this type of vessel offers compared to the typical arrangement of yachts with a single flotation surface. The possibility of having ample room for relaxation and fun is certainly a significant advantage.

FlashCat 83

The Spanish shipyard Flash Catamarans introduced its new model FlashCat 83 in two versions— Passenger and Luxury Diving— with all the luxury, comfort, sustainability and benefits suitable for worldwide demand. Review our selection of luxury mega yachts.

Originally intended to accommodate 220 guests, the Passenger version has a layout designed for those who enjoy the company of large groups of family and friends, and of course scuba diving. Thanks to its large indoor and indoor spaces, this catamaran is also perfect for businesses that need a yacht capable of hosting major social events and meetings.

FlashCat 83

The three levels are completely modular and customizable, which allows the owners to tailor its facilities to their whim and fancy. The large vessel—78 feet long (24 meters) by 34 feet wide (10.5 meters)—includes a main terrace of over 2,100 square feet (220 square meters). It can accommodate bars, solarium and tables for more than 20 guests.

The vast main hall, on the central level, also offers exceptional living spaces. The manufacturer created various sitting areas with low tables and sofas for more than 50 guests, luxurious bathrooms and two cocktail bars. The bedrooms are located on the bottom level of both flotation surfaces. In its Luxury Diving version, the FlashCat 83 can accommodate 24 passengers in cabins with private bathrooms and panoramic views.

The shipyard offers complete customization in terms of design but encourages potential buyers to go minimalist. The use of light wood textures, polished aluminum, and functional lighting will highlight the splendid windows in each environment.

FlashCat 83

From a technical point of view, FlashCat 83 boasts a hydrodynamic design of inverted bows called Wave Piercing, which offers better performance, higher speed, and lower consumption. It comes with two diesel engines that deliver between 250 and 500 horsepower each.

Thanks to its enormous interior dimensions, FlashCat 83 is ideal for diving enthusiasts. And although it can accommodate all the luxurious details the owner might choose, its practicality and modular capabilities are the most attractive aspects of this new vessel. FlashCat 83 will be available for sale in 2015, with a base price of around $2.1 million.

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