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The Sculptural Ferrari Gto 250, Now In Marble

Federico Tibytt

A reproduction of the Ferrari GTO 250, carved from a single piece of marble, a decorative object worthy of being displayed in a museum. Its price? 50,000 dollars.

For diehard classic car lovers, the Ferrari 250 GTO, is tantamount to the Holy Grail. This beautiful model from the Maranello firm is one of the most sought after automobiles among collectors of classic sports models. Only 39 were manufactured between 1962 and 1964— which makes them quite unique— and with the passage of time they have become objects of worship. As a matter of fact, just a few months ago a 250 GTO was auctioned for the impressive sum of $52 million. (See here the latest classic car auctions).

Ferrari GTO 250 in marble

Because of the rare nature of this classic, Lapicida, a firm that specializes in stone engraving and carving decided to sculpt, from a single piece of marble, a replica of the Ferrari 250 GTO. Their efforts resulted in a magnificent decorative object worthy of being displayed in the most important museums in the world.

Assuming the challenge of reproducing an object of such aesthetic value as the 250 GTO, the owners of the London firm decided to employ the most advanced technology for the new project. The team used the latest generation laser scanning software to achieve an exact reproduction and came up with an accurate virtual model of the car. The sculpting was done by the Lapicida Breton NC1600, an impressive set of five automated lathes, able to carve stones weighing up to 25 tons.

Ferrari GTO 250 in marble

Italian arabescato marble was the material of choice since the delicate dark streaks that cover the stone can convey the aesthetic idea of speed and movement characteristic of the Ferrari GTO 250. Once the automated carving was completed, the finishing touches passed to the hands of an experienced team of master craftsmen, who shaped every inch of the replica.

Ferrari GTO 250 in marble

The result is an exquisite sculpture 47 inches long, 18 inches wide and 13 inches high that responds to a precise scale of 1: 3, 6. This art piece combines the most modern carving techniques with the refined experience of craftsmen, thus embodying the sublime beauty Ferrari cars are known for and, at the same time, reproducing the general design concept of the brand.

As attractive as the original model, this marble Ferrari 250 GTO from Lapicida has a market price of about $50,000 and without a doubt will become the piece de résistance in the house of the lucky Ferrari fan who decides to take it home.

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