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Ferrari 488 Gtb: The Turbo Is Here To Stay

Joe Hurley

Ferrari arrives at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show with a new super sports car equipped with a turbocharged V8 engine that produces 670 horsepower and reaches a speed of 205 miles per hour.

No more taboos for Ferrari! After the surprise of the California T and following the footsteps of its Formula 1 division, the Maranello firm seems to part for good with green engines, in favor of turbo. That fact is apparent in the new Ferrari 488 GTB.

Ferrari 488 GTB

The Cavallino´s new Berlinetta is a natural replacement for the 458 Italia coupe and does so with elegance. As in the California T, Ferrari introduces a turbocharged V8 engine, located in the rear position. It reminds us of another legendary super sports car, the 308 GTB, to which somehow the design also pays tribute.

What is the impact of the turbo in its performance? Apparently there is none. Far exceeding the figures of its predecessor, the 488 GTB generates a maximum power of 670 hp at 8,000 rpm to reach 60 mph in just 3 seconds. This mechanical configuration, associated with the automatic seven-speed dual-clutch confirms what we already anticipated. Ferrari is aware that it must adapt to changing times. The firm knows that the use of turbo and the hybrid technology of LaFerrari are essential in complying with the efficiency standards imposed by the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Its consumption, 11.4 liters per 62 miles and CO2emissions of 260 grams, already show relatively conservative numbers for a Ferrari. Moreover, this coupe comes with a healthy dose of racing DNA. The manufacturer promises to combine the best of its experience, both in Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship, where it is still the champion.

The spectacular performance of the new Ferrari 488 GTB is not achieved only through the turbo engine. Other elements are also evident, including its state-of-the-arts aerodynamics. With a record efficiency number (1.67) for a production Ferrari, it boasts 50 percent less downforce compared to the 458 Italia, as well as a lower resistance coefficient. These numbers can be attributed to the inclusion of key design elements, like its dual front spoiler, imposing air intakes or the active aerodynamics at the rear provided by its elegant spoiler.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Finally, as if it were a race car, the 488 GTB´s power and performance will be instantly available and controllable thanks to a complex set of subsystems and electronic controls. For example, the cutting-edge Side Slip Control, which together with the F1-Traction control, the e-differential and active dampers keep the car stable during aggressive driving.

The Ferrari 488 GTB will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. By then, we should already know its price, although it will certainly not be lower than $230,000.

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