273-foot model

Feadship Savannah: The Star Of Hybrid Mega Yachts

Federico Tibytt

Aesthetically and technologically innovative, the luxury superyacht Savannah, with its diesel / electric hybrid engine, revolutionary hull and propulsion designs, is a genuine ecological gem.

In an effort to join the trend to develop new projects that demonstrate greater environmental awareness and sustainability parameters, the most advanced technology, and excellent performance — without neglecting luxury—, the renowned Dutch shipyard Feadship Savannah has presented its new 273 feet model (83.5 meters), with a diesel / electric hybrid engine, and revolutionary hull and propulsion designs that provide significant fuel efficiency.

Feadship Savannah

The flagship of hybrid mega yachts, as defined by its manufacturer, is a majestic ship with five levels created by De Voogt Naval Architects and designed by the firm CG Design. Aesthetically and technologically innovative, the Savannah has a Wärtsilä 9L20 diesel engine able to generate 1,800 kW at 1,000 rpm, propelling three Caterpillar high-power generators that store energy in efficient lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries.

This complex hybrid generation system feeds a set of giant propellers, about 40 percent larger in diameter than conventional models. The main propeller is located in the center of the boat. Just behind it, there is a complementary aft propeller that assists in light navigation maneuvers – mounted on a swivel that makes it possible to guide propulsion in all directions. The Savannah is the first ship of this size to have this sophisticated propulsion system, both from the point of view of the engine and its system of multiple propellers.

The giant hull of the Savannah was made with an aluminum superstructure featuring iron panels; glass reinforced surfaces and teak decks, which have enabled it to achieve the ideal weight. This technological set of the hull, propulsion and a carefully designed hydrodynamic profile, ensure greater efficiency and average fuel savings of 30 percent. Review our selection of luxury yachts.

Feadship Savannah

Due to confidentiality agreements required by its owner, many details of the interior of this spectacular mega yacht were not disclosed. However, we know that the ship was built with a double master suite and room for only 10 guests, while the facilities for the crew can accommodate up to 26 members, which will allow a service to the highest level of luxury.

Among the generous teak decks of the majestic vessel stand out the main foredeck of the third level, which offers a splendid upper terrace and another— on a higher level— with its own Jacuzzi. It also highlights the main aft deck, with access to the beach club where there is a superb pool more than 25 feet in length.

However, one of the most distinctive and attractive features of the Feadship Savannah is perhaps the spectacular living room located below the waterline of the ship. The hull´s reinforced glass panels line one of the walls, offering magnificent underwater views. The manufacturers devised this ingenious feature to allow passengers to see and enjoy the seabed and the waters around the vessel while they relax in comfortable armchairs.

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