A valuable commodity

Extreme Safety

Sara Fifi Castany

Made of military-grade armor, these bespoke luxury safes can even withstand a full-out blast attack.

In today’s world peace of mind is a valuable commodity, and having your treasures near and out of harms way has become a necessity for serious jewelry and watch collectors. With the recent economic crisis, many have chosen to install custom safes in their homes or offices as an alternative to storing their heirlooms in a bank vault.

Brown Safe Manufacturing, one of the leaders in the custom safe industry, has seen an increase in demand for tailored vaults armed with more luxury features. To better serve their discerning clientele, they have created high-design safes that blend into any décor, and with security elements that would satisfy even James Bond.

The Chronos and Lamborghini Vault are among two of their made-to-order models.

The Chronos

Constructed with the same high grade ballistic steel armor used by the US military, the Chronos can even withstand a full-out blast attack. Designed to store luxury watches, this safe is built to endure all known techniques of entry, from lock manipulation and armor penetration to fire and heat. With a 1/2 inch thick door and an ¼ inch armor body, it is constructed of material that is half the weight of regular steel. This feature allows it to be placed on higher levels of a home or on a yacht, where traditional steel safes would be too heavy.

Custom Lamborghini Vault

Brown developed this vault for a client who requested it be placed next to his matching yellow Lamborghini. With ample space for a treasured watch collection and other valuables, its design exemplifies how the luxury safe industry is offering their high net worth clients much more than safety. Security and lifestyle must be a seamless fit.

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