Elemment Palazzo: A Mansion On Wheels For 3 Million Dollars

Federico Tibytt

Considered a luxury mansion on wheels, eleMMent Palazzo is a recreational vehicle whose innovative design and cutting edge technology allow its owners to hit the road without renouncing style and comfort.

The world of recreational vehicles, which includes motor homes or caravans represents a thrilling lifestyle for its users. These RVs are the latest trend for families and couples that wish to take scenic road trips without giving up their comfort and luxury.

This is the idea behind the new RV line from the Austrian company Marchi Mobile, specialists in building luxury vehicles that feature astonishing innovations in design, technology and performance. Without a doubt, the company’s emblem is the eleMMent Palazzo, a 20-ton RV created by the renowned industrial designer Luigi Colani.

eleMMent Palazzo

The portentous eleMMent Palazzo boasts 323 square feet of interior space divided into a comfortable modular lounge, an exclusive cabin for the owners with a luxury bathroom and a cab with a panoramic round window, which is one of the brand’s flagship design elements. We could also say that the super luxurious CR-1 Carbon caravan is one of its strong market rivals.

The exterior of this rolling palace is fitted with modern, innovative and aggressive lines, panoramic windscreen and exquisite decoration with different colored lights, which turn the heads of pedestrians and drivers as well as the vehicle moves on the road. The futuristic aesthetics are informed by the look of next generation jets. In fact, according to the creators, the intention was to combine the styles of luxury yachts and private jets, highlighting the sporting side of the RV, which is confirmed by its powerful 520 hp engine, capable of achieving a top speed of 93 mph.

Inside, it is simply grand. The décor is inspired by the imperial style, using noble materials and fine textures such as marble, leather in various hues and polished wood and metals along and across the different areas of the Palazzo.

Perhaps the vehicle’s best feature is the spacious 215-sq. ft. terrace, which is activated by the touch of a button and gives the guests access from the inside. It is quite difficult not to fantasize about a glorious sunset or the perfect breakfast on the fully upholstered benches of this mobile lounge.

Luxury, comfort, innovation and technology: what more can you ask from an RV?

PHOTOS: Courtesy Marchi Mobile.

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