Faster Than Expected

The Electric Maserati, Faster Than Expected

Federico Tibytt

Maserati plans to join the ranks of electric car manufacturers in 2019 with its first 100-percent electric model, based on one of its most striking designs.

The rise of electric automobiles has accelerated lately, with models such as the Jaguar I-PACE, the BMW I8 and super-hybrid cars such as the incredible Ferrari “La Ferrari.” Joining this marked trend in the market, Maserati hast just announced its first 100-percent electric model for the year 2019, based on its multiple-award-winning prototype, the Alfieri.

Electric Maserati

Developments in electric motor technologies have evolved remarkably. The most conclusive proof of this is the American company Tesla, which rolled out its first mass-produced model (the Model S) in 2012, and has become one of the fastest-growing automobile brands in the world.

Sports car manufacturers such as Maserati, known for its enormous supercharged engines, are starting to adapt their engineering to electricity.

Meanwhile, the world’s leading countries have started to implement environmental-protection policies aim at gradually eliminating toxic emissions from vehicles. For instance, the British government announced that as of 2040 the sale of new autos that only run on diesel or gasoline will be banned.

It is clear that the automotive industry worldwide will progressively adopt electric motorization, each year offering a greater quantity of hybrid and electric models in order to stay competitive and adapt to future regulations that are already being outlined in leading countries.

In this context, sports car manufacturers such as Maserati, known for its enormous supercharged engines, are starting to adapt their engineering to electricity. In fact, this traditional Italian brand announced that its first 100-percent electric model will be an exciting two-seater based on the much admired Alfieri prototype, a captivating design that has won numerous awards for its appealing lines.

Furthermore, Maserati will soon start offering hybrid versions of its most successful products. While it has not yet been determined which Maserati vehicles will come with the new engines, it’s very likely that its two best-selling models—the four-door Ghibli sedan and the Levante SUV—will be among them.

Electric Maserati

This is important news for the industry worldwide, because it points to a clear change of strategy at FCA, one of the world’s largest automotive groups, which along with Maserati, includes FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Dodge and other brands.

FCA had been somewhat reticent about adopting the new environmentally friendly motor alternatives, but the recent scandals related to toxic emissions fraud in diesel engines and the growing preference among the public for the new eco-friendly engine alternatives led the company changing course faster than expected.

The good news is that very soon we will have a new super-sporty electric car on the street, built based on one of the most striking designs in the last few years, the Maserati Alfieri.  ■

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