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Egg Charms Collection And The Ultramodern Bracelet By Christophe & Co. And Pininfarina: Luxurious Gifts For Him And Her

Nicholas Sterling

Egg Charms Collection, a series of seven miniature Faberge eggs; and Armill, the ultramodern bracelet by Christophe & Co. and Pininfarina are two great gifts to pamper those we love.

If you want to regale your partner with affection, these unique and modern jewels will be ideal demonstrations of your thoughtfulness.

Egg Charms Collection by Faberge
Exceptional elegance for her

Luxury Gifts

With Katharina Flohr as General and Creative Director, the House of Fabergé, presents the Charms Collection. The set is an extraordinary selection of the mythical imperial eggs that brought so much fame and prestige to the French firm. The Charms Collection includes seven miniature eggs with different designs, which can be set–in a gold chain–to form a bracelet or necklace. The new Fabergé charms are named Emotion Pink, Rococo Rose Gold, Treillage Multi Coloured Rose Gold Polished, Cadeau Diamond Rose Gold, Spiral Emerald, SunBurst Pink Sapphire Rose Gold, and Simple Diamond Rose Gold. All are made of yellow and pink gold, and adorned with gemstones like sapphires, aquamarines, rubies, amethysts, tourmalines and diamonds. “The Egg Charms collection is designed to enjoy the exquisite Fabergé eggs in a fun and entertaining way,” says head designer Natalia Shugaeva. “We have created flexible and varied pieces that can be customized according to the personal style of whoever wears them.”

For him: a luxurious smart bracelet

Luxury Gifts

Armill is a super modern jewel for men created by British jeweler Christophe & Co. The stylish bracelet is a collaboration with Italian company Pininfarina, famous for designing and manufacturing Ferraris. The sumptuous bracelet boasts carbon fiber, 18K gold, gemstones, leather, and diamonds. It also features the latest technologies like Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization with the application of the brand, allowing the user to receive alerts on his cell phone as well as software and hardware updates. The new bracelet also has integrated NFC (near field communication), a technology for short-range wireless and high-frequency communication, which enables the exchange of data between devices. Thus, the holder of one of the 450 limited edition bracelets can connect to smart homes, luxury cars, yachts and private jets. Owning an Armill bracelet from Christophe & Co. guarantees membership in one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. It gives access to events reserved only for high-profile guests, private clubs, and the best restaurants. The bracelets— which automatically recharge with the movement of the wrist— can be customized, depending on the taste and interests of the user. They are available in three formats. Virtus, a limited edition of 300 units, is the basic version and is priced at $75,000. Orion, a limited edition of 100 units, made of pink gold and encrusted with diamonds, has a price of $93,000. And finally Apollo, a limited edition of only 25 units, is the most luxurious and comes adorned with 1,500 diamonds. Its price: $149,000.

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