Döttling Pauline: Luxury In A Safe

J.M. Towers

A compact, stylish, secure and elegant safe, where gold, precious woods and leather are strategically combined with the finest material, alarm system and GPS technology.

When Ernst Döttling founded the Döttling company in Sindelfingen, Germany, in 1919, he couldn’t imagined the success his enterprise would achieve almost 100 years later. The family business has reached its fourth generation in the experienced hands of its current owner, Markus Döttling.

Döttling Pauline

Döttling makes the most luxurious and elegant safes in the international market from a factory located in the heart of a region famous for hosting hi-tech automobile firms such as Mercedes Benz and Porsche. Their safes are used by a broad, though select group of connoisseurs who recognize and value the standards of beauty, craftsmanship, quality and safety, characteristic of the German firm. Goldsmiths, locksmiths, tanners, painters and security specialists, work together to create unique, functional and perfectly secure products.

One of their star products, the luxurious Döttling Pauline safe, is named after Markus Döttling’s eldest daughter. The exterior design is a tribute to the extravagant luxury of the belle époque, and its interior is meticulously designed to satisfy a knowledgeable and sophisticated clientele. Next to the perfectly designed drawers, there is a portable jewelry box equipped with a GPS transmitter.

Döttling Pauline

The opulent safe weighs 880 pounds and is specially designed to protect the most precious treasures we keep at home. But besides its timeless beauty, the Döttling Pauline seduces with its innovative technical subtleties, like the soft release mechanism of the cover, or the opening mechanism beautifully camouflaged with a belt buckle.

The experts at Döttling use 24K gold leaf in different shades to manufacture this spectacular safe. The golden accessories are the result of a labor-intensive process, executed by highly qualified professionals. Moreover, Döttling ‘s master artisans incorporate the finest finishes in their product: fine calf or zebra leathers, exotic bird feathers or alligator skins.

Döttling Pauline

The ultra-elegant Pauline safe can be customized according to the client´s requirements, and its compartments can be specially adapted for watches, footwear, jewels or weapons. The price of this unique product starts at $140,000. But special features such as wood exterior finishes, instead of leather, come with an added premium of $7,500; security alarm connection costs $5,300 extra, 24K gold hardware is $5,000 more, and the integrated GPS system runs an additional $8,600.

Döttling Pauline

Döttling Pauline is a functional work of art built, for eternity, to secure our most precious treasures and heirlooms. On top of the exceptional functionality of this piece, we are sure it will satisfy discerning buyers with its attention to detail, perfect finishes, luxury and sophistication.

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