Dogma K8-S: The Astonishing Racing Bicycle By Jaguar And Pinarello

Federico Tibytt

The exciting Dogma K8-S competition bike offers the perfect balance of performance, refinement and comfort.

Elite cycling is a highly competitive sport where the minutest details make a big difference. Combining the manufacturing experience of the Italian firm Pinarello and the expertise in aerodynamic engineering, suspension technology and avant-garde materials of the British automaker Jaguar, the two companies joined to create the impressive racing bicycle Dogma K8-S.

Dogma K8-S

This magnificent next generation bike will be used by Team Sky—Britain’s professional competition cycling team—whose members confirm that the level of comfort of the new model has improved by 50 percent compared with previous Pinarello bicycles. In turn, the new bike has enabled them to improve their times by at least 4.6 percent.

The research in driving vibrations conducted the British automaker allowed them to integrate into the frame—which weighs only 900 grams (2 pounds)—a new elastomer suspension unit located under the rider’s seat on top of the wishbone, which absorbs uncomfortable vibrations and delivers a constant and optimized traction. The bike´s new rear suspension and flexible carbon fiber chain provide the perfect pivot point for smooth riding.

The project aims to introduce—in racing bikes—the same rolling concepts used in Jaguar´s Land Rover division. The premise includes the development of strong and resistant models with riding comfort worthy of any high-end car. To this effect, the engineers adopted the successful F8 aerodynamic frame designed by Pinarello, to which they added the rear suspension technology developed by Jaguar.

“Land Rover vehicles are internationally recognized for their balance of performance, refinement and comfort. This is the philosophy we used in our partnership with Team Sky and Pinarello for the development of the Dogma K8-S, with the joint ambition of pushing the boundaries of performance, innovation and technology,” said Mark Cameron, director of brand and global marketing for Jaguar-Land Rover. “We are very excited about the product resulting from this cooperation.”

Dogma K8-S
Dogma K8-S

Meanwhile, Fausto Pinarello, executive director of the Italian firm, said: “The new Dogma K8-S may definitively change the elite road cycling competition. The model absorbs road vibrations and allows the rider to optimize his efforts. It’s the perfect bike for rough or paved roads.”

Apart from its technological advantages, this new jewel of cycling offers brilliant esthetics. For those who want to enjoy the same experience as elite racers, the Dogma K8-S will be available in the US from June 2015.

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