CR&S Duu: A Powerful Customized Motorcycle

Federico Tibytt

The stunning model from the Italian brand combines an American engine and European design and may be customized to the suit the tastes and needs of the client.


CR & S is a young company from Milan that manufactures high-end motorcycles. The firm has revolutionized the industry by offering mass produced vehicles that can be fully tailored for each customer. What appears to be a dichotomy is the key to their success.

At present, the company produces only two models, including the impressive Duu with a powerful 1,916 cc all-American two-cylinder engine in V, as well as distinctly Italian design and performance.

When buying a high-end motorcycle, the market offers a huge variety of models such as the Ducati Monster 2015 or the Ecosse Titanium Series, but—no matter how deep we search—in the market for mass-produced motorcycles the possibilities for customization are very slim.

Instead, the high range manufacturers offer marketing systems that allow you to customize a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Pagani, to give mention a few. Inspired by this commercial and industrial spirit, the founders of CR & S created a business model that promises to change the way we look at line production motorcycles in an overcrowded industry.

Building on the success of its first model, Vun, the company continue its innovative march into the industry, offering the first crossover motorcycle in that combines both the American style—motorcycles with powerful engines and comfort for long trips—and the European style—modern design and sprinter character, high dynamic performance, and agile handling.

The result is the Duu model, which at first glance draws attention on the road for its impressive exposed X-Wedge engine with two cylinders, fuel injection and two valves per cylinder, built by S & S Cycles, and designed to deliver high torque at low revs. On the road, it provides stable cruising speeds, with a safe ride and plenty of acceleration able to exceed 200 km/h (125 mph).

The modern chassis—in a clearly Italian style—is made from a main stainless steel column with visible welding and seams, and articulated bars of the same material, built and molded from solid pieces.

The stainless steel structure eliminates the problem of corrosion, providing flexibility, durability, and reliability. Its eclectic, modern design combines the best of motorcycle styles, allowing agile, fast and lively city drive as well as comfortable long trips.

But the real difference comes when the client orders a CR & S and can choose his/her preferences: the driving position, suspensions, some aspects of the engine, aesthetic accessories, color scheme and the type of paint to use, among several other alternatives.

Each unit is made specifically to meet the requirements of its new owner and is delivered with a plate fixed to the chassis that contains the serial number of the unit and the owner’s name.

The market price of the model starts at the US $40,000.

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