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Cr-1 Carbon, A Modern And Luxurious Motor Home

Federico Tibytt

The CR-1 Carbon trailer, constructed entirely from carbon-fiber, is the perfect recreational vehicle for those who enjoy traveling and camping without sacrificing luxury, style and the most advanced technologies.

For last few decades, Indiana has been a Mecca for American campers. In this state, the best RV’s are manufactured, and as might be expected, the home of the Indy Car Series has become the headquarters of the new company GCT (Global Caravan Technologies), which recently introduced CR-1 Carbon: the first motor home built entirely from carbon fiber.

CR-1 Carbon

GCT, led by former executives from IBM, General Motors and Dutchmen RV, was created with the goal of bringing to the market a new kind of recreational vehicle that combines technology, luxury and efficiency. In this context, the chassis of the CR-1 Carbon prototype was built with large pieces of carbon fiber, avoiding the use of screws, bolts and metal welding that could weaken its structural strength. The result is a spectacular 35-foot long trailer with a height of 9.5 feet and lower weight (about half of an RV with the same dimensions from a competitor), which delivers fuel efficiency that exceeds 100 percent and can reach up to 150 percent.

CR-1 Carbon

The aim of the CR-1 Carbon is to target the highest demand in recreational vehicles providing equipment and comfort worthy of premium vehicles. Its spacious 9-foot high interior can accommodate 6 to 8 passengers. Among the most notable amenities, there is a master stateroom in the front, with a dressing room, bathroom and glazed roofs. Additionally, the inside of each unit can be customized, always respecting the style proposed for the model, which is identified by the combination of noble materials—such as leather— with carbon fiber.

CR-1 Carbon

This RV can include a 700W solar generator, an integrated generator, and Run Flat puncture-proof tires, satellite TV, flat screen TV, a washer and dryer and integrated Wi-Fi modems. As a technological novelty, it also offers the possibility of controlling all systems through any mobile device, smart phone, tablet or laptop computer synchronized to its command center.

This luxurious and modern mobile home has endless configuration possibilities, which may be chosen by the lucky owners who decide to buy a CR-1 Carbon for their vacation travel. Its price ranges from $160,000 for the basic version to $770,000 for all the luxury and technological equipment included in the prototype recently introduced in Indiana.

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