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Cavallino Classic 2019: an exhibition of the best classic Ferraris in America

Federico Tibytt

The perfect place, the best possible company, gourmet food and the best Ferraris in the world set in the idyllic climate of South Florida, what more could you ask for in a weekend?

The Cavallino Classic 2019 brings together enthusiasts of one of the most iconic brands in automotive history in Palm Beach. This meeting of luxury super sports cars has been held since 1978 and over time has become the most prestigious classic car event in America. The organizers of the event are in charge of Cavallino magazine, which is considered as the publication for car enthusiasts of classic Ferraris in the United States.

250 GT SWB zegato

During the four-day exposition, fans and collectors will be able to admire unique specimens, participate with their vehicles in races and parades, drive on the Palm Beach professional track and if their model warrants it, compete for the prestigious Concorso award, which distinguishes the most beautiful and elegant car of the event.

The Cavallino Classic will be held mainly in The Breakers resort but will also have activities in various locations of Palm Beach, making the city an idyllic and sunny destination of glamor, luxury and gourmet cuisine for the owners of these Ferraris.

What are the most outstanding events of the 28th Cavallino Classic?

This is a very important edition of the Cavallino Classic, as the 60th anniversary of one of the most important models in the history of the brand, the dazzling 250 GT, will be celebrated. The 250 GT is one of the most successful Ferraris in history due to it dominating the main race tracks in the sixties, signifying an advance in the Italian automotive engineering.

Also taking place during this year’s event is the celebration of the anniversary of the SWB-Short Wheelbase version of the 250 GT that was manufactured in 1959, which remains one of the most sought-after models among collectors around the world.

1961 250 GT SWB

In addition the Honored Marque of this edition, will celebrate the contributions of the Bentley brand to the automotive industry on its 100th birthday. As a result, owners of these classic models have been invited to participate by exhibiting their collection of Bentleys. The celebration will commence on the 24th with a Driving Tour from the city of West Palm and concludes with an exhibition of the most outstanding vintage Bentley models of the event.

Another event taking place this weekend is the Classic Sports Sunday charity event, which will be held at the idyllic Mar-a-Lago Club mansion, benefitting the American Council for the Blind. In this closing event a selection of 120 classic sports cars from the golden age of the industry will be exhibited.

Over the years, the Breakers resort facilities have proved to be ideal for the event, because they not only give a beautiful setting to the event, but it is especially convenient for visitors who choose to stay at the resort. The classic style of its meeting rooms, the modernity of its rooms and the beauty of its gardens ensure a weekend at the height of the cars that adorn it and the expectations of its owners.

Other fun activities expected to place at the event include seeing very important Ferrari collectors such as David Lee or television host and regular collector Jay Leno, enjoying the display of cars and talking to fans.

Cavallino Classic

The perfect place, the best possible company, gourmet food and the best Ferraris in the world set in the idyllic climate of South Florida, what more could you ask for in a weekend? 

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