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British Airways

Federico Tibytt

British Airways introduces new luxury cabins to safeguard its position in the high end travel market.

Starting this month, British Airways will offer new first class suites on their brand new Boeing-787-9 Dreamliners. The aim is to enhance the flying experience for their regular customers with more comfortable first class cabins and more luxurious amenities. It is a way for the company to reposition itself in the market for high-end air transport services and compete with premium services offered by other airlines such as Air France and Emirates, among others.

British Airways

British Airways chose Forpeople Studio to develop new spaces that would provide all the privacy, luxury, comfort, spaciousness, access to technology, elegance and modernity suggested by the airline’s customers.

The first class spaces designed for the new British Airways 787-9 feature only eight suite seats, instead of the standard 14 passenger capacity. This difference allows the airline to accommodate generous individual compartments of exquisite design, reminiscent of the interiors of luxury sedans manufactured by German brands like Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

The reclining seats are upholstered in dark leather and fabric with a diamond pattern stitching, while the armrest and the complementary seat are lined with leather. The passenger is surrounded by light polished wood, and the surfaces where objects are to be placed are made of aluminum and soft materials to prevent them from slipping.

Ahead of the folding table, the traveler will find a keypad designed like those found in the central panels of luxury cars, from which they can operate the lights, call the flight attendant, recline the seat and modify the volume of the entertainment system.

British Airways

The entertainment system consists of an interactive 23-inch screen in front of the passenger compartment, which is commanded by a remote control touch screen that can be placed on a vertical stand or used as a second screen. The windows are larger than what is customary in the industry, offering passengers the best views.

In addition to the luxurious first class cabin, the Boeing 787-9 provides all kinds of significant technological advances and can fly at a maximum speed of 593 mph (954 km / h), with a range of 9,550 total miles (more than 15,000 km).

The company has ordered a considerable number of units that will join its fleet in the last quarter of this year in their flights to New Delhi, India; Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates; Muscat in Oman, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Austin in Texas and San Jose in California.

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