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Bmw Bicycles 2014: Technology And High Performance

Federico Tibytt

The third generation of BMW bicycles offers a range of models that stand out for their modern design and advanced technology.

For more than 60 years, the German automotive firm BMW has been manufacturing high quality bicycles with the same constructive principles used in their luxury cars. Now, for 2014, the company has unveiled a revolutionary line of bicycles developed by the studio Design Works-USA.

BMW Bicycles 2014

The third generation of the modern line of BMW bikes respects the traditional standards of the brand while addressing the needs and demands of its users. The result is a novel concept, which differs from the rest in three fundamental aspects: first, its strong geometric shape, reminiscent of the brand’s motorcycle frames; second, the top front of the frame with robust and muscular lines, which the company has named “bull neck.” And finally, its most distinctive feature: the innovative design of the frame without any welding, which gives it improved resistance and flexibility.

Another aspect that shows the German brand´s aesthetic vocabulary and impeccable design is the fact that all the cables and mechanisms of the new bicycles are ducted in the interior of the box, which makes for clean and elegant lines. To finish the configuration of the high performance vehicle, the new bikes have Shimano speed and breaking systems and Suntour suspensions, technology that comes from two cutting edge brands in their own right.

To satisfy the needs of the users, the new BMW line offers four main models. For those who need a city bike that is also comfortable on weekend rides, the ideal design will be the BMW Cruise Bike, priced at $1,300, or the BMW Cruise M Bike, with more features, for about $1,500. If the user prefers to ride on more difficult mountain trails, the best option is the BMW Trekking Bike, with a price of approximately $1,600. And for lovers of more advanced technology and innovation, the perfect choice will be the BMW Cruise e-Bike, a smart city bicycle. The e-Bike includes a battery system that stores the energy generated by the vehicle itself and channels it to a small electric motor. This design, with a price of around $3,800, boasts he latest technology for cyclists. All models are available in different colors and wheel size.

BMW Bicycles 2014
BMW Cruise M Bike.

With this third generation of bicycles, BMW once again demonstrates the integral constructive criteria used in its vehicles, which doesn’t skimp on development costs to achieve the highest expression of design and technology for the user’s pleasure.

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