Benetti 125 M/Y Iron Man: A Youthful, Sporty and Bold Superyacht

Federico Tibytt

Equipped with two MTU 16V200 engines, this modern yacht is capable of generating a maximum speed of 24.5 knots, with a cruising speed of 19 knots.


In recent years, the broad range of products developed by the famous Italian shipyard Benetti has positioned the company among the leading builders of medium-size luxury yachts. Bennett is known for excellent design and constant technological innovations. One of their latest creations is the 125 M/Y Iron Man, which displays a youthful and sporty character.

Benetti 125 Iron Man

Inspired by the 140′ Veloce model, the 125 M/Y Iron Man has a hull measuring 125 feet long and 27.2 feet wide, and a carbon fiber and epoxy superstructure that makes it possible to reduce its weight by 40 percent.

Also, the design uses a system known as Fast Displacement, which puts into play the advantages of a stable travel system with the front breakwater and the angular lines of the hulls of speed boats.
The vessel has three levels and the main terrace with an outdoors command center, a comfortable bar with tables and a splendid panoramic sun terrace with a Jacuzzi. The main level offers on the bow a huge deck overlooking the ocean and a swimming pool conveniently located on the front of the yacht.

At the level of the bridge, there is a generous aft deck with a large table for 12 guests and couches and sofas. Below is the main aft deck with a lounge area and side galleries that communicate with the front deck and the stairs that lead to the back gangplank with access to the water.

One of the main requests from the yacht’s young owner (whose name remains anonymous) was that the vessel should have generous outdoor spaces to enjoy the sun and ocean fully.

Benetti 125 Iron Man
Benetti 125 Iron Man

Iron Man is large enough to accommodate ten passengers and seven crew members. In its interior stands out the master stateroom that occupies the full width of the boat and includes a living room, double bathroom, and dressing room.

On the bridge level towards the stern is the professional kitchen— specially commissioned by the owner— and a magnificent central hall with a striking glass table and a custom divan over 6 feet long and almost 15 feet wide. On the lower level of the yacht, there are VIP cabins and two regular double cabins, all with private bathrooms.

One of the particulars of this vessel is its spacious fitness center located on the third level, which comes with the latest equipment and excellent ocean views: a detail that apparently reveals the owner’s priorities.

The interior of the Iron Man was designed by the prestigious decorator Alfred Karram Jr., who used the cool textures of natural materials, wood and marble floors and modern furnishings in gray tones, metallic surfaces, and mirrored planes. The interior replicates the contemporary appearance of the exterior with the prominent use of straight lines.

Benetti 125 Iron Man

Equipped with two MTU 16V200 engines, this modern yacht is capable of generating a maximum speed of 24.5 knots, with a cruising speed of 19 knots, thanks to the technology used in its hull and superstructure, which gave it an excellent weight.

The Iron Man is an example of how a compact superyacht can offer all the luxury and comfort that is usually seen in much larger vessels, exceeding 150 feet.


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