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Bang & Olufsen: Technological Whims

Nathaniel Stillman

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There are some brands that need no introduction, especially if you are a lover of high tech entertainment. One of them, Bang & Olufsen, is a Danish company founded in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. During all these years, the company has found a prominent place in a very competitive industry, becoming an unavoidable reference in the creation of TV sets, telephones, and sound systems for high-end multimedia.

Their high quality performance and luxurious finishes, as well as an unmistakably modern and elegant design have afforded the brand a loyal following all over the world. These are the most recent products introduced by Bang & Olufsen in the international market:

The sound system for the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has been responsible for bringing the music to one of the most exclusive cars in the market. Not an easy task if you consider that this far-reaching convertible makes its own tune every time the driver accelerates its V12 petrol engine with 6000 cc and 573 hp. To overcome the challenge, the Danish brand has spread throughout the interior of this super sports car thirteen speakers with 1,000 watts. But what truly distinguishes this sound system is its ability to adapt automatically to the needs on the road: it detects if the vehicle roof is open or closed and, with additional information from the engine, the temperature and sound adjust to different conditions and speeds. Bang & Olufsen has ensured that their sound engineers worked, for over 400 hours, inside the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante to refine each and every one of the system’s “keys”.

BeoLab 14

Bang & Olufsen

BeoLab 14 is the latest surround sound speaker the company has put on the market. Along with the characteristic pioneering spirit of Bang & Olufsen, the design of this system has a modern, original and stylish look that harmonizes with the decor of any room. Another important feature is that it can be used with TVs from other brands. The speakers are round with a trim of chromed aluminum, and a central part with interchangeable fabric allows a choice of colors to better integrate with the décor. They also offer many possibilities for their location, as each speaker has unique brackets to place them on the ceiling, on the wall or standing on the floor.

BeoPlay Nordic Sky, Special Edition

Bang & Olufsen

Imagine being able to see the light of the Scandinavian summer nights while enjoying a soothing melody in your home. The special edition Nordic Sky BeoPlay A9 makes it possible, or at least that is what Bang & Olufsen promises. This is a new version of the popular, classic, understated and minimalist wireless sound system BeoPlay A9, which can be connected to devices like the iPod or iPhone. It consists of an 8-inch subwoofer, two 3-inch medium frequency speakers and two ¾-inch tweeters. The special edition of BeoPlay A9 Nordic Sky incorporates to the classic BeoPlay A9 speakers a new set of covers and supports with colors inspired by the beautiful light and the intensity of the long Scandinavian summer nights. You can choose between three shades: twilight, dusk and night.

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