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Baglietto 46m Displacement: Modernity And Elegance In Equal Measure

Federico Tibytt

The first vessel from this Italian shipyard, with over 141 feet in length, offers a welcoming atmosphere and a discreet minimalist vibe.

During the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, the traditional Italian shipyard Baglietto celebrated the launch of its first vessel, which exceeds 140 feet in length. The 46M Displacement was one of the most acclaimed models by visitors, mainly for its modern and attractive interior design. More about luxury yachts.

Baglietto 46M Displacement

To ensure the success of its new project, the shipyard commissioned Francesco Paszkowski, one of the most admired designers of recent times, and the renowned architect Margherita Casprini for the design of the celebrated 46M Displacement super yacht. Paszkowski developed both the outline and the internal layout with a modern design to highlight the straight lines and minimalist elegance. The yacht’s aggressive bow, spacious deck, and generous windows accentuate its sporty disposition.

The furnishings, materials and textures used inside the ship bring an air of fresh modernity to the 46m Displacement, which boasts lavish light wood paneling, mirrored surfaces, chrome finishes and contemporary furniture, mostly in shades of light gray. A large round glass table with chrome metal legs, surrounded by ten white chairs, stands out in the main dining room resting on a superb patterned rug.

This dining room is the perfect summary of the yacht’s overall decorative style. The main hall, meanwhile, with its wood-paneled walls, offers generous armchairs and coffee tables on a carpet similar to the one in the dining room. Towards the stern, a splendid terrace has a set of outdoor furniture that follows the dominant style in all indoor environments.

The 46M Displacement can accommodate ten guests in a VIP suite and three double rooms, all with private bathrooms. The master suite offers splendid panoramic views, dressing rooms, a private study, bathrooms with a sober decor, and direct access to private terraces.

Baglietto 46M Displacement

On the top level of the ship’s main deck, there is a magnificent solarium, an outdoor table and a seating area with lounge chairs and a bar. The design also highlights a striking spiral staircase with glass railings and a chrome metal shaft that connects the three levels of the ship. To top it all off, the spectacular modern and spacious kitchen is comparable to that of a luxury apartment.

With its cozy atmosphere, modern design, and matchless views, the Baglietto 46M Displacement guarantees the success its manufacturers set out to achieve.

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