Bac Mono Marine Edition: A Car Built Especially for Super Yachts

Federico Tibytt

This impressive one-seater, designed for yachts, can reach a maximum speed of 273 km/h or 170 mph.


The British automotive firm BAC presented—at the 2014 Monaco Yacht show—a radical version of its “Mono” vehicle, specially designed for super yachts.

BAC Mono Marine Edition

The car combines the two passions of the founder of Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), Ian Briggs: sailing and sports cars. His company, based in Liverpool, rose to fame in recent years after launching the “Mono” a single-seat road car in the style of Formula 1, able to accelerate from 0-60 mph (100 km per hour) in only 2.8 seconds.

The BAC Mono Marine Edition is an impressive next-generation car, equipped with a powerful 2500 cc, inline four-cylinder, and 305 horsepower Ford engine, able to push this super-light sport—it weighs only 580 kilograms (1,280 pounds)—to a maximum speed of 170 mph (273 km per hour approximately).

This strictly sports model was designed to convey the same sensations experienced by professional pilots, but in a car intended to run in the streets, where its performance is unsurpassed.

BAC Mono Marine Edition

The “Marine Edition” offers an anti-corrosion system in all its components, ensuring protection against the corrosive effects of sea salt. Additionally, the chassis has been specially designed to provide support and attachment points that allow the car to be loaded and unloaded from the yacht, thanks to a carbon fiber crane included in the kit that comes with the vehicle.

Besides the universal crane system, this special edition also includes a climate-controlled cubicle (Environmental Control Container System), which ensures ideal conditions of temperature and humidity for storing the car on board.

The whole kit is specially designed to include the luxury car to the additional tenders of a super-yacht. The car is manufactured to suit the customer`s requirements, offering the option of personalized colors, upholstery and other aesthetic details to match the yacht that will host it.

BAC Mono Marine Edition

The price of the fully equipped vehicle, together with the crane system and the storage compartment is around $800,000, four times more than the regular version of the BAC Mono. But considering it is geared towards a very exclusive market segment to accompany vessels that cost tens of millions, the price does not seem excessive.

The BAC Mono Marine Edition is a bold bet aimed at the growing market of luxury yachts; an industry that has shown steady growth in recent years.

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