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Avanti Evo: The Fast and Modern Turboprop by Piaggio Aero

Federico Tibytt

For its price, comfort and convenience, the Avanti EVO is a very appealing option for companies that want to avoid the cost of a jet.

In recent years, Piaggio Aero has earned the trust and praise of the aviation industry for its exquisite designs, the great performance of its aircrafts and its commitment to distinctive Italian aesthetics. One of their most recent creations, the Avanti EVO, boasts better performance than its predecessor, the celebrated Avanti II.Avanti EVO
The Avanti is unmistakable. Easily recognizable, its futuristic design stands alone for its values. The plane introduces some of the most advanced aerodynamic technologies available today, including the ‘3LS’ Three Lifting Surface Design, highlighted by its small front wings, the elegant inverted central wings and the flat surface elevation of the tail. This innovative lift system gives the aircraft remarkable stability and incredible control, allowing the pilot to steer with ease and precision. See more luxury jets here. It is equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada turbine engines, which become an unexpected surprise as you see the five blades in the back of the engines. Finally, the rounded lines of the cabin complete the configuration of a modern, unique and distinguished look.

The spectacular Avanti EVO is not just a beautiful plane. It is admired its first-class equipment, facilities and amenities. Optimizing the aerodynamic lines, the use of the new P & W PT6 engines make it possible to reduce consumption by 3 percent and achieve a surprising range of 1,979 miles. In turn, the new configuration reduces external noise by 68 percent and diminish the sound in the cabin by 20 percent.

Avanti EVO
These technical advantages complement the plane’s comfort level. Avanti EVO has one of the most spacious 9-passenger cabins among turboprop aircrafts, measuring 5 feet 9 inches high and 6 feet wide. Its enormous size allows two separate rows of VIP leather seats, designed by Poltrona Frau. The interior has a modern and welcoming look achieved through the use of fine materials such as leather, polished wood, aluminum and a thick carpet on the floor.

The performance, design and elegance of the Avanti Evo turboprop by Piaggio Aero compete directly with the most luxurious jets of similar dimensions, offering lower consumption costs, lower emissions and a very competitive price of $7.4 million.

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