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Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette: The US $1 million watch from Jacob & Co.

Nicholas Sterling

Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette watch is the pride of Jacob & Co. Discover all the details about this unique limited edition of only nine piece made of pink gold with diamonds and sapphire crystal. This masterpiece of haute horlogerie was manufactured entirely in Switzerland. It features hand-polished nobs, titanium, brushed aluminum and an 18K pink gold case. It is an authentic jewel with a price of US $1 million.

As part of the Grand Complication Masterpieces collection, the famous jeweler and watchmaker Jacob & Co. revealed its model Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette, a super exclusive limited edition watch. Only nine pieces were manufactured, all individually numbered and made with the purest and most select materials watches, astronomia tourbillon baguette, jacob & co, million dollar watches, most expensive watches, luxury timepiecesAstronomia shows the highest level of craftsmanship and taste for the decorative arts, making this watch a visual, poetic and beautiful representation of the celestial world. The dial displays each of its visible elements in constant motion, controlled by its three tourbillon axes that display a stunning orbital screen with an artistic version of the hours and minutes.

This is a masterpiece of watchmaking, entirely manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland, by the expert hands of the most talented and experienced craftsmen in the industry, who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perfectly epitomize the creative vision of Jacob & Co.

Hand-polished screws, a titanium, aluminum and lacquered 18K pink gold case, 50 mm wide and 25 mm thick, which reflects the exceptional JCEM01 hand-wound caliber of Jacob & Co; an anti-reflective dome of Unique Sapphire Crystal, a hand-engraved lacquered dial finished with diamonds and a blue alligator strap with a folding buckle in pink gold are some of the elements used to build the Astronomia model. A sublime watch whose end price is US $1 million, and is a perfect example of the boundless imagination of a firm that takes great care of every detail and quality in every one of its remarkable and luxurious creations.

Jacob & Co. is owned by the magnate Jacob Arabo, who was born in Uzbekistan (a former Soviet Republic) and later became an American citizen. When he was only 17 years old, Arabo—a self-made man— was already displaying his particular taste designing his own jewelry pieces in New York City, where the company currently has its headquarters and where Arabo runs a business network covering half the world. That feat was achieved thanks to his talent for innovative, exceptional designs that have helped the company to become one of the most recognized luxury brands in the field of watches and jewelry. ■

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