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Antares, The Cell Phone By Lamborghini

Federico Tibytt

Antares, the new smartphone by Tonino Lamborghini, remains faithful to the luxury automaker aesthetic vision. One of the most exclusive cell phones in the market, it comes with a unique serial number at a price of $4,000.

The luxury brand Tonino Lamborghini, directed by the son of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the man who started Automobili Lamborghini, recently launched its first smartphone, named Antares and powered by Google’s Android system.

Antares, the cell phone by Lamborghini

At first glance, one can easily recognize the style of the iconic Italian carmaker, which recently turned 50 years old. The straight, aggressive lines are related to the Aventador and Veneno models, and the combination of colors and materials further reinforce the brand’s aesthetics. For example, the body is made with hand crafted stainless steel and has a rear leather panel reminiscent of the upholstery used in the vehicles manufactured by the firm. Each unit shall have an identification plate with a unique serial number, highlighting its limited edition character. There is also a 24K gold version, more extravagant and luxurious than the limited edition.

The technological features include a 4-inch touch screen with Gorilla glass technology (scratch proof), and a powerful high-performance 4-core microprocessor (quad core technology) with 1GB of RAM memory and 32 GB of internal memory, expandable to double its size with a micro SD memory card. The electronic components that drive this sprinter are comparable to those used by other brands in the market, such as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Antares, the cell phone by Lamborghini

To complete an absolutely premium experience, the unit boasts a sound system with Yamaha amplifiers and two Hi-FI speakers. For imaging, the design features two cameras, a 13 megapixel rear camera capable of taking high definition video (Full HD) and a front camera with 5 megapixel definition, more than enough for HD video conferences.

The sleek cell phone is just as technologically efficient as it is captivating to look at. It helps define a segment in ultra luxury technology for high income men and women for whom high quality, looks and performance are of equal value. The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean receives, in the hands of Tonino Lamborghini, a custom interface and a comprehensive visual makeover, which fits the criteria of impeccable design and innovation fostered by the Italian brand.

Cell phones, in general, are an absolute necessity these days, but they tend to limit our individual tastes since there are not too many models that convey exclusivity. There have been some attempts to personalize these minute computers, some with precious Swarovski crystals, as well as premium models by other brands, but most have failed.

Antares, the cell phone by Lamborghini

That’s why Lamborghini introduced this model, whcih promises to establish the difference for clients looking for that elusive object of desire, a high design product that sets them apart in their affinity for speed, sophistication and casual elegance.

Tonino Lamborghini’s Antares was introduced in Russia and China. It will be available this spring in the U.S., U.K. and Italy for a price of around $4,000. Maybe it is worth a try.

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