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Amphibious: The Luxury Of Moving By Sea Or Land In The Same Vehicle

Federico Tibytt

Visualize being able to go anywhere. These amphibious machines make it possible allowing you to move freely on sea or land.

Those of us who enjoy boats, sports cars and cutting edge technology have always dreamed of the possibility to move on land and water without having to switch vehicles. We present three, with the design, technology and performance to make our dreams a reality.
                  The Amphibians Quadski by GibbsAmphibious Vehicles
This fun SUV is able to retract its four tires, by pressing a button, and become a navigation vehicle in less than 5 seconds. The amphibious Quadski features a powerful BMW DOHC 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine, 16-valves and 1,300 cc. Among its many virtues, this 4×4 reaches a maximum speed of more than 55 mph on both surfaces. So far, the prototype can accommodate one or two passengers in its XL version. The manufacturer, Gibbs Sports Amphibians from Michigan, USA, has announced its release for the month of November with a price of $40,000.

                   Tender 33, the amphibious limousine by Nouvoyage

Amphibious Vehicles
After a careful review of the luxury yacht market and the habits of yacht owners, Boston’s Nouvoyage company decided to submit a new idea: the amphibious limousine Tender 33, a spectacular 33 foot-long vehicle with a capacity for 12 passengers and two crew members, which can reach a top speed of 84 mph on land and 28 knots on water. With utter luxury inside, a controlled temperature cabin and even a toilet on board, this stunning limousine becomes the perfect vessel for those who wish to travel in style while their yacht is anchored at sea, away from the dock. The estimated $2 million price makes the Nouvoyage Tender 33 limousine one of the most exclusive amphibious vehicles in today’s market.

                   The GT Tender amphibious dinghy

Amphibious Vehicles
Made to order for the super-yacht Blade of MMGI Shipyard, this spectacular amphibian dinghy was built in New Zealand by NZ Tenders, in collaboration with naval architect Georgi Yankov from GY Boat Design Allure Marine. The goal was to create an amphibious vehicle that would look like a sports car. The surprising result was the GT Tender, capable of a speed of 35 knots on water and just 100 mph on land. Built using lightweight carbon fiber and with 25 feet in length, this amphibious vehicle can accommodate 6 passengers and boasts a host of amenities such as a fridge, sink, side windows, ramp with stairs to provide access to water and for wheelchairs. This is definitely a whim worthy of its impressive mother vessel.

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