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Am37: Aston Martin’s First Sports Powerboat

Federico Tibytt

The AM37 is the splendid prototype of a powerful and luxurious powerboat inspired by the unmistakable image of Aston Martin sports cars.

After more than a century of history, the iconic British manufacturer of luxury sports cars Aston Martin has made a clear change in its business perspective. This strategy is part of the brand’s development, which includes expansion and global presence. One of their most interesting new projects is the construction of their first sports boat, the AM37, which has stirred great enthusiasm among those who love yachting.


The AM37 prototype was born from the efforts of an interdisciplinary team of professionals. It is a splendid motorboat that recalls the flawless tradition of luxury, elegance, and sportiness that distinguishes Aston Martin. For this project, the design team of the British brand partnered with the Dutch Quintessence Yachts shipyard and naval engineers from the acclaimed Mulder Design Studio.

The result of this joint effort is a superb prototype—37 feet (11 meters) long—that is muscular and bulky, with a design inspired by the unmistakable image of Aston Martin sports cars. With its oversized hood, its fixed, curved and wraparound windshield–characteristic of the auto industry–the AM37 shows a sideline that resembles that of a coupe. Its short and low cabin is integrated into the overall design of the vessel, and a large wooden plank hides, under the lid, the very powerful engines. At first glance, the new AM37 looks very similar to the fantastic amphibious cars used in James Bond movies.


Following the technological tradition of Aston Martin, the stylish helm of the AM37 deploys a modern front panel board worthy of a next generation sports supercar. The cabin is decked out in precious woods and hand-stitched leather with interactive voice control and activation. It also boasts an integrated HC touchscreen for navigation, as well as a multimedia system. The cabin will be built from an epoxy resin composite with the structural elements made of carbon fiber. Both technologies contribute to a lighter, more durable and resistant boat and ensure excellent performance, increased buoyancy, better hydrodynamics and little vibration. In short, a stable and pleasant sailing experience, with the level of performance of an Aston Martin vehicle.

Although the final project includes its own engine, Mercury engines in two main versions will fuel the first units. The AM37 is identified with the classic Aston Martin Gran Turismo, with 570 horsepower and capable of reaching a top speed of 44 knots. The other engine called AM 37S will be the sports version, with a maximum speed of 52 knots.

This new project by Aston Martin shows a clear intention of modernizing the legendary brand. The first AM37 test models will see the light at the end of 2015 while those available for sale are expected to be in the market for the first half of 2016.

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