Airbus Acj319 Elegance, The Modular Solution For Executive Jets-

Federico Tibytt

This executive jet comes with preset modular designs which allow the owner to select the most convenient layout.

Airbus has unveiled the latest model of its celebrated ACJ319 line, in a new version called Elegance. So far, the company— one of the leading manufacturers of business jets in the world— has sold more than 170 units, praised for their generous dimensions, and performance characteristic of big airplanes. See more private planes here.

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance

With a huge cabin, 79 feet long, 12 feet wide and 7 feet high, the new ACJ319 comes with preset modular designs that allow the owners to select the layout they deem most appropriate and convenient.

The main cabin is divided into five spaces, not counting the cockpit. From the plane´s tip to its tail, they are organized as follows: the first corresponds to the access area, staff bathroom and kitchen. The cabin of the tail includes a private bedroom with double bed, en suite bathroom and living room.

However, it is in the three core areas where the new version becomes attractive. All three have the same size, and the manufacturer offers different preset designs for each that can be adapted according to the client’s preference. These options include a movie theater, lounge, conference room, dining room and den or office. Additionally, each of the alternatives has different configurations and exchangeable distributions.

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance

According to the manufacturer, the modular configuration of the plane saves in construction costs, while allowing future remodeling or modifications. It is possible to make changes to each individual module without affecting the rest of the craft. Although the modules are prebuilt, the owner can choose the finishing touches. This gives a unique look to the unit, but always with the highest standards of quality and applied technology.

Because we have the highest and widest booths in the market, our executive jets have always excelled in allowing our customers to take their lifestyle to the skies,” said John Leahy, head of Airbus Consumer Care. “The new ACJ319 Elegance makes it even easier for the customer to imagine the cabin of his dreams, and he can choose from a varied range of social areas and seating arrangements.”

Airbus ACJ319 Elegance

The ACJ319 Elegance has excellent autonomy of 6,835 miles, and its base price is $80 million, about $7 million less than its predecessor. It is clear that the final price of each unit will depend on the choices made but the client.

Without a doubt, and thanks to its total customization spirit, the ACJ319 Elegance is a modern, innovative and intelligent achievement by Airbus.

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