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Lalique’s Aerosystem One: An Exclusive Sound System Made Of Crystal

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French label Lalique joined musician Jean Michel Jarre to create an exclusive limited edition sound station made with fine crystal. Limited edition with just 999 units produced. - See more at: https://azureazure.com/toys/aerosystem-one-lalique-sound-system-crystal#sthash.RMMsfHiu.dpuf

French label Lalique joined renowned electronic music composer Jean Michel Jarre to create a limited edition of the elegant sound station AeroSystem One.

The stunning product was created by Jarre Technologies, the company founded by the famous musician in 2005 with the goal of applying decades of technological audiovisual research to support the creation of high-end equipment that will stand the test of time for their beauty and quality. Meanwhile, Lalique Aero System One is the result of an unusual collaboration between Silvio Denz, CEO of Lalique, and Jean-Michel Jarre. “Silvio and Jean-Michel are two perfectionists who understand each other very well,” said Roland Caville, president of Jarre Technologies.

AeroSystem One is the first sound system for iPhone able to bring to the home the same sound quality achieved in the best recording studios. It took an engineering team more than four years to research and develop a system with such a unique sound. Created in France, the powerful gadget can be connected to all iPhone and iPod models, comes with two USB ports and port for connecting an Android smartphone, a laptop, a CD or DVD, as well as a tablet or compatible device. It also accepts all digital audio formats, from MP3 to WMA and AAC.

AeroSystem One

AeroSystem One incorporates an electronic signal circuit tailored for optimum accuracy reproducing both low and high sounds and offers excellent surround sound through two directional speakers. The classic design of this limited edition fits perfectly in any interior thanks to its beautiful aesthetics; both the audio quality and the appearance are given equal importance.

Thirteen glassmakers manufactured the impressive set, and every piece has been individually blown, cut and polished. The speakers, made of crystal, reveal sparkling waterdrops emerging from the intriguing mask of a woman surrounded by aquatic fauna. The vertical body has two other divided units, which are perceived as black circles on a white base, creating an attractive mirage.

AeroSystem One

AeroSystem One is available in various finishes including black, white and chrome, and costs around $1,200. But this luxurious limited edition from Lalique and Jean Michel Jarre is limited to only 999 units and is priced at $22,000.

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