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Frankfurt Motor Show 2015: Luxury On Wheels

Joe Hurley

Bentley's new SUV Bentayga and the new Bugatti Chiron among the most outstanding models.

The 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show opens its doors to introduce some of the best vehicles for the 2016 season. This year, the show will take place from September 17 to 27. The luxury industry is always required to bring its best for the event, which is held every two years in September—alternating with the Paris Motor Show. Although there have been few surprises in this year’s auto shows, this one promises to be quite impressive.

2015 Frankfurt Auto Show
Bentley Bentayga.

Two new undisclosed designs are eagerly anticipated. We will be able to admire up close Bentley’s first SUV named Bentayga, which—according to the brand—will deliver the highest level of exclusivity, comfort and performance. We already have a pretty good idea of its looks, because the concept has been shown several times since it was introduced in 2012, but will finally review the final version at the Frankfurt show.

The other major player in the ultra-luxury segment will be Bugatti’s new jewel. The replacement of the famous Veyron will also be unveiled in Frankfurt. The stakes are high for the lush 1,200 HP Chiron. Although no details have yet been released on the performance of this French supercar, news leaked that it will be powered by a hybrid set of 1,500 HP.

2015 Frankfurt Auto Show
Rolls-Royce Dawn.

At these level, there are few more surprises. But we should also mention the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, the convertible version of the successful Wraith, reminiscent of the classic Silver Dawn from the 1050s; the Lotus 3-Eleven, a racing toy that—with 450 HP—becomes the fastest Lotus in history; or the Ferrari 488 Spider, which has already been revealed but will appear in Frankfurt for the first time.

At a slightly lower lever of exclusivity, car aficionados are also looking forward to seeing the first Jaguar SUV, the F-Pace. With this vehicle, the British firm hopes to compete with models like the BMW X3 or the Porsche Macan. We have already seen a previous image of the latter, but now—in Frankfurt—we’ll be privy to the vehicle’s official presentation.

The most distinguished German brands will be presenting new sedans in Frankfurt. The new BMW 7 Series—already well known— the Audi S8 Plus, a sportier A8 that thanks to its 605 HP can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds; and the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio, the epitome of luxury and comfort in the open. By the way, Audi will also present its Quattro e-tron Concept, the seed of what will become an electric SUV intended to rival—in a few years—the Tesla Model X.

Finally, the Porsche 911 will be available with a slight restyling that should not change its traditional appearance much. It includes—as the central novelty—an unprecedented feature that will impress the purists: turbocharged mechanicals for the Carrera and Carrera S versions. Review here the latest luxury automobiles in the market, including the Porsche Cayman GT4, Audi R8, Aston Martin DB9 GT, among others .

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