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Two Exclusive Properties In Italy: Luxury, Art and History for the Highest Bidder

Nicholas Sterling

Two unique Italian monuments for sale: Borgo, a beautifully restored medieval town in Umbria, and a 14th-century monastery near Florence.

In the exclusive high-end real estate market, the most attractive properties are usually located in beaches or paradisiacal landscapes, as well as luxury villas and apartments in the largest and most desirable cities in the world. Unique properties with artistic and historical value are also very desirable. This is the case of two exceptional Italian monuments: a beautifully restored medieval village in Umbria, and a 14th-century monastery, located near Florence. Both could be considered a dream come true for art lovers and for those who aspire to own a piece of history.

Borgo: the dream of owning a medieval village

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Just 50 miles from Perugia—the capital of Umbria—and 15 miles from the ancient city of Spoleto, we can revisit the past and observe the appearance of a medieval Italian hamlet. We are talking about Borgo, a beautifully preserved village, completely restored and available for sale for $26 million. The renovation work meticulously recovered the original materials and included high quality finishes, from baked terracotta bricks and wooden floors to chestnut beams in the ceilings. The latest in luxury properties.

Borgo has a living area of about 54,000 square feet, distributed into 59 independent apartments, some with more than 2,000 square feet and featuring three bedrooms, gardens, and terraces. The village has its church, which gives the town an authentic atmosphere. There is also a restaurant and a few small shops. Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage declared the magnificent beauty of Borgo a Monument of Artistic and Historical Interest.

A dream villa in the former monastery of Sesto Fiorentino

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You will find Sesto Fiorentino in the heart of Tuscany about 5 miles from the beautiful city of Florence. In this idyllic setting, there is a monastery with vineyards, olive groves, and forests, which for more than four centuries has dominated the valley. The earliest records of this property were found in land registers dating from 1534. In 1609, during the French occupation, it belonged to the Dominican monks and was later converted into a private residence.

Today, the majestic complex is the source of high historical value, with a living area of almost 13,000 square feet on three levels that follow the winding slope where they built the villa. The current estate boasts kitchens, studios, bedrooms, bathrooms, a chapel, parlors, library and music stations, and a billiard room, as well as spacious terraces and even a dovecote. All the common areas are arranged around an open gallery that highlights a beautiful Italianate garden. This stunning property—available for sale at a price of $8 million—has original 18th century decorations, a stone fireplace in the great room, and the monastic structure of the ground floor, which maintains the oven where the monks used to bake bread.

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