Troy Dean Ippolito’s Luxury Architectural Design

Patricia Abaroa

From the idea, to design and construction, Troy Dean Ippolito's Trend Design + Build delivers the kind of simplicity and elegance that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Armed with a passion for design, architecture and craftsmanship, South Florida native Troy Dean Ippolito wanted to provide clients with a one-stop venue that would develop and build luxurious interiors. That is how Trend Design + Build was born as a full service company that creates custom design homes and condominiums. Ippolito is a hands-on CEO and is involved with every project from the start, when ideas exist only on paper. “There is nothing more rewarding than completing a project, seeing it through from start to finish. I have an instilled interest in success. It’s driven by designing, creating, building and fabricating,” describes Ippolito.

Troy Dean Ippolito
Troy Dean Ippolito

Ippolito inherited his passion for success from his father, whom he lovingly describes as an “old-school Italian.” While some young men stray from the pursuits of their parents, Ippolito welcomed advice from his dad, an extremely prolific builder and developer. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Architectural and Structural Engineering from the University of Miami and then got a contractor’s license.

A desire for cohesiveness and unity brought about Trend Design + Build, where craftsmanship, noble materials and refined design come together in uncomplicated ways. With accurate planning, it expanded services and blossomed into an internationally recognized interior design firm that unifies designers and craftsmen. Ippolito sees this as a critical relationship that, ultimately, ensures better results. Trend Design + Build earned an excellent reputation, with projects that introduce the finest materials to deliver luxurious, sophisticated designs.

Troy Dean Ippolito
In 2014, the team created a 5,500 square foot model unit for The Regalia, a luxury oceanfront condo located in Sunny Isles Beach, a thriving neighborhood north of Miami Beach. “Inspiration for the Regalia Beach House came right from its title. We wanted to create the most luxurious beach house ever imagined. To have a very organic, relaxed, beach feeling, orchestrated through only the finest elements,” says Ippolito.

Troy Dean Ippolito
Those finest elements include timeless pieces from the exclusive Arthur Collection, a furniture line developed by the firm’s design director, Eric Dyer. Trend Design + Build maximized the ocean view using floor to ceiling windows, giving the model unit a tranquil, elegant sophistication. The luxurious condo comes with a private spa, massage room, wine bar, and a private outdoor terrace with a pool, and cooking and dining areas.

Not surprisingly, when asked what he felt the most important element of design is, Ippolito answered, “Simplicity: seeing architecture taken to its purest form and pronounced through the use of proportions and blending materials.”

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