Copper Beech Farm, One Of The Most Expensive Home’s In America

Christie's International Real Estate puts Copper Beech Farm on the market as one of the highest valued properties for sale in America at $190 million. Learn what sets it apart from other luxurious homes, here!

Greenwich, Connecticut is an area known for its luxurious homes. However, none had reached the level of Copper Beech Farm, which is one of the most expensive homes in the United States. Luxury real estate firms David Ogilvi & Associates and Chrisite’s International Real Estate placed the house on the market for $190 million.Copper Beech FarmConstructed in 1896, the villa occupies one mile off Long Island’s south coast, plus two nearby islands. The Lauder Greenway family purchased the property in 1904, but John Rudey, who was the former owner of Copper Beech, put the estate on the market. This villa is a unique purchase since the only similar plot was developed and sold in 1954. It’s 1,800 foot driveway, six garages and colonial architecture make it one of the most extravagant houses in the entire country.The main building follows the cobblestone driveway and is characterized by the upstairs balcony, enclosed by two stone towers. The interior features a paneled library, solarium, wine cellar, living room, and a family room, most of which have fireplaces and, of course, ocean views. The third floor provides access to the staff wing, as well as four additional bedrooms and a spacious top floor. The 13,519 square-foot property includes twelve bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as other outside structures. For example, the octagonal pool house is equipped with dressing rooms and bathrooms. It serves a 75-foot, 14-sided pool, an enormous spa and a tennis court in the garden, throughout which various terraces and living areas abound.Copper Beech FarmAside from being outrageously big, perfectly equipped and beautifully built, Copper Beech Farm is in the ideal location as it is isolated, which allows for privacy, but only a mere 45 minutes away from the Big Apple.

As a result, in April 2014, this mega mansion sold for $120 million, making it one of the most expensive homes sold in America. 

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