The Baby and the Crystal Pianos: Goldfinch’s Artistic Creations

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Two artistic conceptions of unusual pianos.

Former piano tuner J.R. Norman is the creator and proprietor of the British company Goldfinch, which makes pianos for customers looking for perfection in sound and an iconic musical instrument.

These pianos represent excellence in contemporary British craft, as they are manufactured by hand under strict canons of unsurpassed quality, always using the best materials and the latest technology.

Thanks to all that care, each instrument that comes out of the workshops in Cambridge, England, is unique and irreplaceable.

The Goldfinch name is a landmark for art lovers. The firm has spent more than four decades making dreams come true for musicians and audiences alike. Their pianos could be considered real works of art. We present you the Baby Piano and the Crystal Piano, two imaginative, artistic and supremely elegant musical instruments.

The Baby

The Baby is a spectacular collaboration between Goldfinch and Based Upon, a London-based artist studio known for producing unique contemporary British art.

The result is called Twist, a piece of art that took over nine years to complete. It is a grand piano and, at the same time, a sculptural piece. This gem combines gold metal finishes with a design that plays with curves and edges, producing a sensation of spiral movement.

The Baby Piano is entirely handmade. The artful metallic details and seductively tactile resin represent the rough texture of the Earth’s surface. The top elevates as if twisting from its base, to reveal the beautiful black and white keys and the 230 strings to which they are attached. The Baby, by Based Upon & Goldfinch, is priced at US $700,000.

The Crystal Piano

Could you imagine covering a Steinway grand piano with half a million Swarovski crystals? Well, that is exactly what Goldfinch has done in collaboration with the British multidisciplinary artist Lauren Baker, who spent hundreds of hours to transforming a wonderful musical instrument into a great piece of art.

The Crystal Piano is a dazzling statement of combined artistic skills, meticulous attention to detail and hard work of a master craftsman whose hands applied—one by one—every Swarovski crystal in a job that lasted more than six months. This piano is only produced by special request.

The result is a sparkly and luxurious piano that captivates at first sight and brings great pride to its owner. Its price is US $640,000.

It is always charming to find luxury products where music, sculpture, design, craftsmanship and the ideal materials are masterfully combined.

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