SurfX, In My Fridge and Ekokook, options to Create an Ecological Home

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Three products for the 21st century home: a desk with built-in computer, smart refrigerators and a sustainable organic kitchen.


We are living a unique moment in terms of materials, innovations and new technologies for the home. We highlight three projects that could make of any home a cutting edge environment: a desk with a built-in computer designed by Olga Kalugina, a smart refrigerator by Fabian Kreuzer and Markus Schilling, and a sustainable organic kitchen designed by Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot. See here more about luxury products and interior design.

Media Table SurfX
The perfect support for the computer

Modern and Ecologic Home

In collaboration with the Russian firm Videofabrika, designer Olga Kalugina has created a revolutionary worktable with an integrated LED display that can be adjusted to different positions. This new concept is ideal for work, games or entertainment in general, and also allows the owner to browse the Internet via a touchscreen that reproduces images and music. The structure has a slight ergonomic tilt for additional comfort when interacting with the screen. The cabinet can send flies saved on your smartphone or copy, reproduce and store files from a computer. You can view photographic images and even draw on the tabletop. Moreover, it is a perfect tool for presentations and business meetings, as well as connecting to concerts, exhibitions, celebrations or parties.

In My Fridge
The Smart refrigerator

Modern and Ecologic Home

The development of this project by Fabian Kreuzer and Markus Schilling began in 2011. It is a refrigerator equipped with RFID (radio frequency identification) technology and is geared towards food management and conservation. The basic idea is centered on a fridge with an interactive display that provides accurate information about the goods stored inside without having to open the door. You can also look up recipes based on products stored in the refrigerator and read the news or surf the Internet from the control panel. This appliance, which in the old days only served to keep perishable food products, becomes with In My Fridge, a convenient multimedia space where all the information stays in one easily accessible place.

The new eco-friendly kitchen

Modern and Ecologic Home

Ekokook is the brainchild of Victor Massip and Laurent Lebot for the firm Faltazi Lab. A new concept for a friendly kitchen environment, it aims to recycle and process waste in your kitchen and at the moment of its production. With a complete water and waste management system in its structure, waste classification, treatment and subsequent recycling into compost are the ultimate goals. The resulting product can be used as a natural fertilizer in the mini-orchard included in this innovative design. Your herbs, vegetables and perhaps some ornamental flowers will have a place in this sustainable kitchen. Ekokook is based on environmental activism and its four pillars are: waste management, healthy cooking, reducing energy consumption and intelligent storage of organic, solid and liquid waste.

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