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Suommo: Luxury and Distinction for Your Baby

J.M. Towers

A crib, a baby bottle and a pacifier, all made of gold and diamonds, will become precious and lasting memories for your newborn, authentic heirlooms that will pass from generation to generation as a testimony of your family’s history.


The Spanish company Suommo is garnering international attention with sumptuous, original pieces, sophisticated jewels created for the Baby Suommo collection.

Ximo Talamantes.

This year, the firm launched three spectacular pieces: a unique crib, a baby bottle and a pacifier. The exquisite Suommo design, craftsmanship and exclusivity converge to achieve perfection through the inspiration of designer Ximo Talamantes, who shows off his skills on three of his most-celebrated creations: the Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition, the Doll Bottle and the Dummy Dodo, all made of yellow, white and rose gold.

The Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition is a crib, but also a work of art made of 24K gold. With its sculptural shape and weighing 100 lbs., this original cradle becomes the focal point of any nursery.

Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition.

The bassinet features exclusive linens made of champagne silk, including a protector, pillow and duvet. It also comes with a changing unit handcrafted with gold yarn, and to crown it all, it has an emblem inscribed with diamond and gold. With a price that exceeds $16 million, this is surely the most-expensive crib in the world.

Doll Bottle.

Another product from the Baby Suommo collection is the Doll Bottle, a baby bottle inspired by the famous Russian Matryoshka dolls. This unique piece, carefully handcrafted by expert goldsmiths, is coated with gold and artistically studded with diamonds. Exclusive and extravagant, the Doll is not only a gem, but also a refined piece of the most exquisite daintiness. Available in five different sizes, Suommo offers to inscribe a personalized message on the bottle. If you want to acquire a Doll Bottle for your newborn, the price is $136,000.

Dodo Dummy.

To complement the crib and bottle, the Spanish firm also introduced its Dodo Dummy, a pacifier made of solid 18K rose gold adorned with diamonds. Perhaps this will be the first piece of jewelry your child will wear and the most-beautiful reminder of your love. The Dodo Dummy includes a gold brooch and chain. Your price: $40,800.

Suommo has announced it will soon open its first boutique, which promises to be “a space marked by luxury and distinction, a place to begin to realize all of your baby’s dreams.”

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