Spiral Wine Cellar: An Underground Cellar for Special Wines

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The Spiral Cellar system offers an ideal space to store wine at home. Cylindrically shaped and waterproof, it may be dug into your basement, kitchen or living room.

 If you love wine and would love to have your own wine cellar at home, lack of space should not be an impediment. Spiral Wine Cellar, the leading company in the field of underground wine cellars, will find the ideal place to install it, offering unique flexible systems to store the finest wines at home. Recommended wine articles. Spiral Wine CellarThe spiral cellar system was developed by the French Georges Harnois, in 1977, who acknowledged that few modern houses had basements, but still, many people wanted a place to store their wine. Since, at the time, there were no options for wine storage other than basements, most wine collectors settled with keeping their wines in their garage. Unfortunately, the heat wave in France in the summer of 1976 ruined many vintages that were stored this way.

Over time, Harnois developed the idea of drilling the floor of his home, built a spiral staircase and stored wine in a spiral with excellent results. Subsequently, he developed a system of modules and concrete measures. Thus, in the 1980s, the firm Spiral Wine Cellars was born in the UK and it currently builds its famous wine cellars worldwide.

Spiral Wine Cellar

The Spiral Wine Cellars are ideal for homes of all sizes. A cylindrical waterproof system is dug in the basement of the house, either in the kitchen or in the living room. As per size, Spiral Wine Cellars offer different choices for wine collectors. For example, the 9-foot cellar stores up to 1,870 bottles; that way you will never run out during a dinner with friends, with your family or a social event.

Spiral Wine Cellar uses soil to insulate and maintain optimum storage conditions in a small space. You can also keep a constant temperature without electricity since temperature and humidity levels are low and constant underground.

Spiral Wine Cellar

Moreover, Spiral Wine Cellar offers multiple features, including LED lighting and wider shelves with a variety of leather, stone or wood finishes. Also, there are no maintenance or operating costs, since electricity is needed only to open the door to illuminate the interior when in use.

The Spiral Wine Cellar can be installed in less than a week, and offers several designs for the cellar and access door. It can also be used to store many other items that need to be kept inside, such as cheese, foie gras, jams and preserves. Gourmet Recommendations. The cost of purchasing and installing a Spiral Wine Cellar starts at $30,000.

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