Sleep In Style: Unusual, Avant Garde and Original Beds

J.M. Towers

Design, creativity and technology go hand in hand to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a work of art where restful sleep becomes a unique experience.

Sleep can become an expression of luxury and exclusivity with these three beds. Design and creativity go hand in hand to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a work of art designed especially for a demanding clientele looking for a different relaxation experience.

A headboard aquarium Sleeping in styleBased in Las Vegas, Nevada, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a company that specializes in aquariums, produces one of the most enjoyable and relaxing beds imaginable, one in which no one will have any trouble falling asleep: a large bed with a spectacular aquarium for a headboard. Imagine for a moment the pleasure of watching colorful tropical fish in a deep-sea environment as you get ready for sleep. The price of this custom-built unit starts at $12,500.
A DC-10 airplane for a bed Sleeping in styleMoto Art, the California-based company, repurposes old airplane parts as office and home furnishings of the highest quality. Their last stunning creation is this spectacular round bed, made with elements from the super passenger jet DC-10 from McDonnell Douglas. It measures 105 inches in diameter and can be customized according to the preferences of each client, with external options such as a polished mirror, satin or acrylic finish. Prices start at $22,500.The bed of the future by Axel EnthovenSleeping in style

Mattress manufacturer Deslee Clama takes sleep very seriously. The Belgian company has introduced what they call “the most modern bed with innovative design,” and dubbed it Sleeping Tomorrow. Designed by Axel Enthoven, latest generation optical fibers and copper wires are woven into the fabric of the mattress to create a “sensitive” material that is never too hot or too cold. The innovative ergonomic open structure also allows the implementation of additional features that improve and personalize the sleep experience, such as sensors and panel controls for mattress positioning, lighting and sound absorption. Its advanced nanotechnology helps the mattress fabric—patented by the firm—reject bacteria, avoid moisture, stains and dirt.

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