Shell House: Futuristic Architecture Creates a Unique Refuge

Heike Söns

Honoring the virtues of Japanese architecture, and designed by Kotaro Ide from ARTechnic Architects, the Shell House blurs the barrier between human intervention and nature.

In recent years, Japanese architects have garnered a select international following with their interpretation of modern and postmodern design for specialized audiences. A clear example is the Shell House, whose structure—steeped in the Karuizawa woods in Nagano, Japan—invariably evokes a seashell with an undeniable sculptural presence.Shell HouseThe Shell House is a project that integrates with nature. Seen from above, its “J” shaped design is easy to distinguish. The sophisticated architecture is composed of two distinct ovals—like the cross section of the shell, with its curves and elliptical shapes. When you face the structure for the first time, what stands out is the white concrete layer and peculiar structures that depart from the local architectural canon. James Turrell House of Light Hotel, typical Japanese architecture made to enjoy with light.Designed by Kotaro Ide of ARTechnic Architects, the Shell House boasts wide-open spaces, and many of its fixtures are built into the building’s walls. The house´s appearance is futuristic and classic at the same time, with optimum use of natural light and minimalist decor. The pines planted outside play with the intention of using the amazing views as the focal point. Read more here about architecture and design. Shell House

The utterly comfortable Shell House seems to float in the middle of the forest. Its curved shapes allow the surrounding vegetation to get ever so closely to the building, making it part of the ecosystem—yet the real strength of the this magnificent home lies in its ability to resist high humidity and the low temperatures of its environment.

As part of the solution, the Shell House was built on a raised platform 5 feet above the ground, which not only protects it from direct contact with the moist soil, but also provides an ideal space to install a custom made heating system.

Shell House

This heating system—one of the most ingenious we’ve seen—lets you enjoy the ideal temperature and prevents the accumulation of mold inside of the house. To maximize its performance, the density of the walls varies between 1.5 and 2.5 inches.

The builders also paid particular attention to comfort and security: the central control system allows you to manipulate various peripherals with only three buttons, and the excellent security system offers complete safety in a place otherwise isolated and lonely.

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