Sèvres Crystal: Historic French Excellence

Mary Elizabeth Collins

As a result of paying careful attention to details and pursing the best quality materials, Sèvres Crystal is a French hallmark synonymous with good taste, finesse and exclusivity.

The crystal glass manufacturer Sèvres Crystal stems from some of the greatest figures in French history. Its original owner was King Louis XV, but the iconic firm was created on the initiative of his official mistress, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour, who fell in love with the beautiful pieces that came from its workshops.Sèvres CrystalSèvres CrystalA renowned patron of the arts, the beautiful Marquise— known as Madame de Pompadour—moved the factory from Paris to her palace of Bellevue, Sèvres, in 1750. Under her patronage, the Sèvres name blossomed and gained international prestige for its designs created by notable artists of the time.In fact, it is said that a famous craftsman made one of the first pieces by Sèvres specifically for Madame de Pompadour. We are referring to the traditional wide mouth champagne glass, which correctly reproduced one of the breasts of the famous courtesan. The elegant Pompadour glass was the preferred champagne glass for a long time until the high and narrow flutes replaced it to preserve better the essence of the bubbly.Sèvres Crystal

Under the direction of Abel-François Poisson Vandières, Marquis de Marigny and brother of Madame de Pompadour, the Royal Manufacture of Sèvres dedicated its entire production of crystal, earning a prestigious clientele throughout Europe, from royal houses and noble courtiers to wealthy merchants and bankers.

Sèvres crystal is not only coveted for its brightness and elegant lines, but also for the experience and know-how of more than two centuries of tradition. Today, hardworking artisans and subtle artists uphold the brand’s legacy. They create, from fire and air, exceptional items in a universe of luxury and perfection that beautifies our tables and households. Review our selection of luxury accessories for the home.

Sèvres Crystal

All the collection pieces that bear the Sèvres Crystal seal have been subjected to strict quality controls to seduce even the most demanding lovers of the best crystal, always searching for the quality and beauty of unmatched pieces.

You can choose from beautiful glassware, goblets, decanters, ornaments and trophies, pieces as unique and unusual as the stunning crystal horses and the blown and hand carved wine glasses that highlight the designs and aesthetics of the past.

Thanks to a careful attention to detail and the pursuit of supreme quality, Sèvres Crystal is a French hallmark, which over the years has become synonymous with excellent taste, finesse and exclusivity.

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