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Robicara: Unique Designs for Exclusive Clients

Lázaro Pérez-More

Sam Robin and Francesco Caracciolo have a common goal: to create unique furnishings and rich environments that exalt the human spirit.

Sam Robin and Francesco Caracciolo make the perfect team. She is a consecrated interior architect, responsible for some of the most iconic renovations of the South Beach waterfront and skyline, including the Colony Hotel in Ocean Drive, the magnificent and sophisticated Astor Hotel and the always fabulous Hotel Delano. He is an Italian furniture designer who has brought to South Florida his know-how and expertise in the luxury design market.

Robicara: Unique Designs for Exclusive Clients
Sam Robin and Francesco Caracciolo.

Robicara is the award winning collaboration of this pair of design geniuses. It was conceived as an alternative for luxury clients looking for one-of-a-kind items that would mark the difference between bespoke and mass produced furniture.

Their team of designers led by the expert vision of Sam and Francesco is continually researching new materials, finishes and solutions, which result in exclusive, timeless pieces, handcrafted in Italy, with the utmost attention to every detail, no matter if these are significant conceptual developments or those, almost invisible, touches that make a piece of furniture truly special and unique. Their pieces exalt the harmony of human habitation, the perfect mix of design, engineering and craftsmanship to create tailor made furnishes, customized with exotic materials and luxurious finishes to suit the preferences of their exclusive clientele.

Ébéniste, the art of exquisite carpentry developed in 17th century Antwerp, influences and informs the techniques used in the making of Robicara’s collector’s items. “The market is flooded with Chinese and Vietnamese furniture, but we want to return to luxury without breaking the bank. We always use rare, noble and precious materials at affordable prices since we have eliminated the middleman”, says Robin.

After years of selling their products through luxury retailers, this dynamic duo decided to open their own showroom, located in the up and coming neighborhood of Little River, an artsy enclave that is attracting other luxury brands to Miami’s burgeoning design scene. The design boutique has more in common with an art gallery than with a furniture store. The care placed in the production of each piece is replicated in the way they are exhibited.

Robicara: Unique Designs for Exclusive Clients

But this fantastic showroom has become a center for design solutions that go beyond furniture and accessories. “Clients come to us because they have a concept in mind but do not know how to implement it. We spend time with them and soon their interests begin to make sense in a cohesive plan that reflects their personalities. Our aim is to create spaces and products that give them a place from where to grow and become the best of what they are”, says Sam.

The pieces produced exclusively by Robicara are intended for the client who wants to make a bit of a statement, with the certainty that those items will not be mass produced. These become heirlooms, items that will be passed generation to generation with pride and value: the kind of unique pieces we will see at auction 20 years from now. “We create very small productions, even one of a kind pieces. We want to go beyond people’s expectations, and that is where our hearts are focused”, adds Francesco.

Robicara: Unique Designs for Exclusive Clients

The label takes inspiration from modernist architectural principles like high art deco and Bauhaus. Caracciolo is more daring and has introduced emblematic items like the Wynwood credenza, based on the classic Modern architecture so prevalent in Miami’s grand buildings.

With years of experience in interior design and countless contributions to the ever changing design aesthetics of the city of Miami, which becomes more beautiful and relevant year after year, Robin and Caracciolo continue to create unique environments: timeless, classic and avant-garde. Robicara’s parent company, Sirio, is named after the brightest star in the firmament, the gateway to other worlds, which stands for truth and peace amongst humans. That theory encapsulates the design vocabulary of this exemplary firm better than 1000 words.


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