Opus Office Tower By Zaha Hadid: Luxury And Modernity In The Form Of A Cube

Heike Söns

With the unmistakable style of Zaha Hadid, the design of the Opus Office Tower stands out for the unique talent of the architect to reinterpret the spaces.


The team of professionals at Zaha Hadid Architects are known for their brilliant minds and fearless creativity, always ready to challenge the limits of imagination. The studio of the renowned Anglo-Iraqi architect impressed critics and the general public with the Opus Office Tower Project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Opus Office Tower

The design of this spectacular building goes far beyond expectations. The imposing 21-level tower has a glass facade and features two main structures that form a cube. In the center, there is a void with the characteristic organic shapes that have made the architect so famous. Through this empty space the flow of light reveals shimmering reflections that change as the sun moves through the sky. This project presentation sets the standard of what Zaha Hadid is able to do and its interiors are what make the difference. Much more than design, inside the Opus tower there is a true declaration of love –and of principles—expressed through the uniqueness and reinterpretation of spaces.

Opus Office Tower

The tower will house residential units that harmoniously combine big city lifestyle with the comfort of the best-furnished homes. It will also house Melia´s ME hotel, where the latest cutting edge technologies take center stage in every room, suite and apartment. Each space features an interactive media center and “listening environments,” creating experiences that blend personal preferences with pleasant surprises. According to the designers, the controls appear and disappear as needed, allowing guests and tenants to engage with the surroundings and make adjustments depending on the occasion or their mood through sliding panels that physically transform the place.

In typical Hadid style, the interior spaces flow without corners, framed by undulating lines that create a feeling of indefiniteness. This design is able to transport us to a parallel universe where classic and futuristic forms are seemingly integrated.

Opus Office Tower

The large floor-to-ceiling windows not only offer panoramic views of the city’s skyline, but also flood each room with natural light. In other words, the interiors of the Opus Office Tower are a blank canvas, ready to be customized with unimaginable levels of detail. Meanwhile, the common areas are explicitly designed to avoid references to any particular place in order to foment the interaction of people from different nationalities and cultures, and offer new ways to enjoy the design and architecture.

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