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No. 1 and Virgo: Ultra Luxury Bathtubs

Nicholas Sterling

Corcel Design & Innovation, luxury tubs made of carbon fiber.

In 2002, Austrians Günter Mühlbacher and Roland Notch founded the company MoldTech Modell & Formenbau GmbH dedicated to the manufacture of high-quality carbon fiber components and molds for large-scale projects.

For years, they have created unique pieces for such important global companies as Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Porsche Design, AUDI LeMans and Vertu among others.

However, Günter Mühlbacher, a restless soul, wanted to change the direction of his professional career and convert the carbon fiber into an essential element for the manufacture of luxury bathroom elements. To this end, he created the company Corcel Design & Innovation GmbH and, together with a team of artisans and designers, began to manufacture luxury bath tubs using carbon fiber as the main raw material.

From the research and work of the Corcel Design & Innovation team, two striking, modern and elegant concepts emerged: the No. 1 model and the Virgo model, which immediately gained global recognition for having avant-garde finishes and designs, combined with amazing functional characteristics.

Its double-coated finishes are totally scratch-resistant, and both bathtubs are designed to reduce the sound of water and to maintain the heat much longer than the baths made with conventional ceramic materials.
No. 1

Luxury bathtubs

It is a bathtub so exclusive that only 51 units of limited edition have been manufactured. With its ovoidal shape, length of almost two and a half meters, width of 123 centimeters and 64 centimeters of height, it can be installed only in really large and luxurious bathrooms. With an avant-garde design and being made entirely of black carbon fiber smooth inside and braided outside, it is designed for lovers of Formula 1 and luxury cars. Its extravagant and exquisite design differs from any known tub with hand-polishing ad its structure is such that, when emptied, allows a total draining, ensuring a completely dry tub in a few minutes.

Luxury bathtubs

This model, slightly smaller than the No 1, has clear lines and an extraordinary combination of materials that renders it highly attractive. The Virgo model is made of high quality carbon fabrics combined with colored varnished applications on the sides, which are made in different shades upon order to achieve the desired bathroom concept. With a length of 220 centimeters, a width of 109 centimeters and a height of 55 centimeters, the Virgo tub has properties similar to those of No. 1 model in terms of coating, retention and properties of water absorbing.  ■

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