Mitchell: Handcrafted Billiard Tables

Mary Elizabeth Collins

These ultra modern tables serve to entertain and decorate your home.

A billiard table can enhance the decor of any home. 

An audacious pool table can also double as a luxurious decorative piece, especially if it is built with the best materials on the market. Such is the case with the billiard tables manufactured by Mitchell, one of the most prestigious firms in the United States with an extensive catalog featuring an attractive collection of pool tables that dazzle and charm for their unique designs and exclusivity.

Almost half a century ago, Ed Mitchell initiated his career in the billiard industry. In 1979—already with a solid training and experience—he moved to Clearwater, near Tampa, Florida.

Handcrafted pool table by Mitchell.

was the forerunner of the kind of table that would immediately stand out for its excellent workmanship and design. From the onset, his goal was to create a line that would stand out for its creative edge and exclusivity. His business model has attracted a loyal following of clients eager to own something more than a simple pool table.

Over time, his unwavering commitment to quality led him to hire a group of excellent craftsmen who began to create 100% handmade tables using beautiful woods and unique materials to show that excellence is not only their goal; it is a requirement as is a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Ultra modern pool table by Mitchell.

Also, its outstanding Contemporary, Ultra Modern, Mid Century Modern, Chrome, Industrial, Art & Glass, and Stainless Steel models are always built to order, and can be custom manufactured with the client’s favorite materials. Only the noblest materials are used in the production of these select items: the most expensive cloth for the surface, and for the body stainless steel, tempered glass and extra thick woods such as mahogany, walnut, maple and cherry.

The company draws inspiration from artistic developments, including Mid-Century Modern.

The tables are polished, varnished and painted entirely by hand, and any problems will be corrected immediately by the after-sales team. The firm also manufactures fully customized billiard tables if none of the existing models in its collection suits the buyer’s taste or requirements.

The variety of designs by Mitchell can satisfy the request of the most demanding client.

The level of technology and innovation Mitchell has reached is evident in details such as LED lighting, which provides a cutting-edge air to the tables.

Mitchell tables play a dual role: for entertainment and in decorating your room as if it were a work of art.

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