Buy a Medieval Castle in Tuscany with 115 Rooms

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While there are many castles in Tuscany, this is one of the few that dates back to the Middle Ages.

In the province of Siena, in the Italian countryside of Tuscany, and away from the most visited spots, such as San Gimignano or Chianti, there are plenty of luxury villas, historic houses, and beautiful castles.
Medieval CastleSurrounded by bucolic green landscapes, most of these buildings—conceived to fully enjoy what the Italians call dolce vita—were erected before or during the Renaissance. Several recognized businesspeople and celebrities from around the world have been lured by their unique beauty, and many are buying properties in this area. Recently, a medieval castle has been offered for sale at a price of 30 million dollars. The exact location is kept in total secrecy.Built in the 12th century, we know that the castle is located in the countryside, east of the city of Siena. The Italian branch of Sotheby’s International is responsible for the promotion and sale of the property.
Medieval Castle

The stunning building occupies a total area of 154,000 square feet, including 115 rooms and 100 bathrooms. The castle grounds consist of a park of over 630 hectares where deer, wild boar, and several species of making their home, plus more than 1,500 olive trees, vineyards, and grain fields. Although there are many castles in Tuscany, this could be one of the few dating from the Middle Ages.

This property is offered for sale by its current owners, who acquired it about 30 years ago and restored it to bring back the splendor of yesteryear. Before that, and since the beginning of the 12th century, the land and all the buildings that are part of the castle were owned by the Piccolomini family, who built them during the days when the cities of Siena and Florence were at war.
Medieval Castle

The style of the castle is medieval Tuscan, with a large courtyard guarded by a tower and a chapel, Italian gardens with lots of palms, cypresses, and box hedges, and an interior embellished with exquisite marble floors and frescoed ceilings, which add a very romantic dimension to the place.

The decor introduce—with skill and good taste—vintage details, carpets, beds, dressers, and tables that give it an imposing air of nobility. Although some of the rooms were renovated and decorated in the 18th century, the building has lost none of its medieval style. Its grounds include several cottages, which have also been meticulously restored, not to mention four swimming pools, a tennis court, and two lakes.
Medieval Castle

As for the vineyards, at the moment, the property has only 18 hectares, but the production could be increased to 148 acres. The grape varieties grown are sangiovese, canaiolo, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and viognier.

Anyone with enough resources could afford a property of this size, although owning a medieval castle with more than 100 rooms in Tuscany goes far beyond a mere whim.  ■

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