Marcio Kogan, Mk27 And The Award Winning Paraty House

Ana B. Remos

Throughout the years, Marcio Kogan and MK27 have received numerous awards such as the DEAD Award, the Wallpaper Design Award and the LEAF Award, and twice they have been finalists for the WAF (World Architecture Festival).

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan founded studio MK27 in the 1980’s, and today the firm has more than 14 architects as well as collaborators in several countries around the world. Throughout the years, the Brazilian firm has received more than 50 national and international awards, including the DEAD Award and the Wallpaper Design Award in 2010, the LEAF Award in 2009, and that same year the company was a finalist for the WAF (World Architecture Festival). The Brazilian architect and his team of collaborators received all these awards for the construction and design of the Paraty House, completed in 2009.

Marcio Kogan

Located in one of the many islands that dot the Bay of Ilha Grande, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, on a soft mountain slope, we find the two connected structures that make up the Paraty House. The enchanting property integrates structural ingenuity to achieve prefect balance with the topography of the terrain.

The House is accessed from the sea, and after you walk through the metal bridge over the pool, you’ll reach the staircase that connects to the lower structure where the living room, kitchen and service area are located. The same staircase leads to the upper volume, which houses the bedrooms, protected from the sun, on the front, by retractable eucalyptus panels. The entire upper part of the house is covered with terraces, which offer amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

The House shows the characteristic features that have made Kogan and Studio MK27 a leading force in international architecture: formal simplicity, integration of exterior and interior spaces through the use of seamless closures, and a careful, refined application of interior design, focusing on all the details and finishes. There is also a certain influence from the world of film in the use of natural lighting and the wonderful staging of the interior spaces. Mr. Kogan worked as a film director before devoting all his talents to architecture.

Marcio Kogan

The reinforced concrete used to build the house is not the only element that evokes the works of the founders of Brazilian modern architecture, a style Kogan wholeheartedly embraces: simplicity and rationalism bring him close to Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi and Lucio Costa, among others. Kogan and Costa are the authors of the Riposatevi installation; an original piece created for the 2012 Venice Biennale, which many experts consider a true masterpiece.

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