Luxury Pools: The Latest And Most Modern Trends

Heike Söns

Innovative pools in the United States chosen for their original design and the excellence of their construction.


If you are considering building a new pool or remodeling an existing one, now is the ideal time to do it. Luxury Pools has recently published the results of the 2014 Pinnacle Award, carefully choosing the most avant-garde designers of the year. Under the criteria of functionality, hydraulic and structural engineering, landscape architecture and appearance, the expert members of the jury at Luxury Pools evaluated the most innovative pools in the United States and came up with an exclusive list of only three winners.

Luxurious Pools
Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

The highlight is undoubtedly the design by Anthony & Sylvan Pools, with an honorable mention for excellence in design and construction. The company, devoted to the creation of luxurious pools since 1946, participated in the event with a stunning infinity pool in a contemporary style, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.As part of the project, the company included images of the site before the pool was built, as well as various stages of hydraulic engineering applied to the design. The end result is beautifully portrayed in a series of photographs that highlight the breathtaking views on the magnificent site. See more Stunning and Stylish Pools here.

The Anthony & Sylvan pool combines the beautiful indoor areas with the natural flow of the exterior landscape, where the design creates a water space that seems to have no limit, leading to the stunning Las Vegas Strip. “The design and construction of this pool were a real challenge, but looking at the final product we think every detail was worth it,” said Tom Casey, vice president of the company.

Luxurious Pools
Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping.

Meanwhile, the designers at Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping also received an honorable mention for their excellent design and construction proficiency. And although it could be said that the project chosen to participate in the contest is a bit extravagant, the truth is that it is also quite remarkable. See more home and design here.

The shape of the Glass-Tile Violin-Shaped Pool simulates, as the name implies, the silhouette of a violin. A play of design and lighting creates the illusion of strings and other musical elements. Furthermore, this particular project integrates the most advanced technology and allows the user to control the music, aquatic display and even the appearance of the pool, through various lighting elements.

Luxurious Pools
Questar Pools and Spas.

Finally, the list of winners includes the designers from Questar Pools and Spas, which presented a much more minimalist concept, but equally captivating. Honored for its elegant design, the Glass-Tile Perimeter Overflow pool is a unique piece of architecture that stands out for its simplicity. Its design is inspired by a gentle cascade, and is subtly decorated with various geometric platforms. Three sides overflow into infinite axes while the fourth side boasts a fire element that adds elegance and a bit of mystery to the final product.

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