Lounge Bed & Altwork Station: The Future Is Here

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Two technological advances that will make your home life more comfortable.

Technological innovations are making our lives more comfortable day by day. Lounge Bed and Altwork Station are two devices designed for the working man (and woman) of the 21st century.

Lounge Bed, Richard Branson’s multi-functional bed.

British tycoon Richard Branson, owner and founder of Virgin Group—comprising more than 360 companies—is an entrepreneur whose ideas are praised as innovative and revolutionary. His latest project is The Lounge Bed, a futuristic bed design that helps professionals work from their hotel room in total comfort. The bed made its anticipated debut last January at the Virgin Hotels in Chicago, and the company plans to include them in other hotels from the hospitality group shortly.

What makes this bed special is its ergonomics, its multi-functionality, and its technology. The Lounge Bed comes with a padded headboard that moves in a 120 degrees pitch, helping guest sit and work with a laptop or tablet on his/her knees.

As a bed usually takes up a lot of space, Branson came out with the idea to make his invention a place for social interaction, adding two mobile cubbies (or cubbies holes) which fit at either end of the headboard and a third at the front corner. This allows three people to sit back while chatting comfortably. It also includes several convenient electric outlets to charge electronic devices. Besides, Virgin Hotels offer their guests a unique application for mobile phones to change room temperature or to order room service without leaving the bed.

Lounge Bed’s enormous success has resulted in countless requests from employees and customers, eager to use it at home, and the company decided to put them up for retail sale.

Altwork Station, the ergonomic workspace.

Doctors and spine specialists have warned us that our spine suffers harmful changes after sitting in front of a desk for extended periods of time. To overcome this problem, California-based Altwork has designed a modern ergonomic workstation, named Altwork Station, which allows us to adopt comfortable, relaxing and healthy positions in our daily work.

Five years ago, Altwork engineers began working on this new station that offers 40 different positions to support all our needs, allowing us to work in a standing position, sitting or lying down while finishing our assignments, sending our emails, or editing our holiday pictures.

The workstation comes with magnets to keep these devices in place, preventing the keyboard and mouse from slipping down. Also, an electronic box protects the electrical components under the seat, serving as a platform for a laptop.

The Altwork Station comes with a tag price of $5,900 and is for sale by special order since January 2016

Images courtesy of Virgin Hotels and Altwork.

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