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Lasvit: Designs In Crystal And Lights That Balance Tradition And Creative Audacity

Diana Subirats

This Czech company manufactures and designs contemporary lighting accessories and glass installations. The label dares to fuse crystal, light and art.

When we say light is transformed into art, we speak big words. Still, we could sum it up in just six letters: Lasvit, derived from the combination of two Czech words, láska and svit, meaning “love and light”, two elements that are always present in the sculptural pieces and projects from this master glass manufacturer.

During Milan Design Week 2014, Lasvit presented an exhibition titled (E) Motions. Artists, architects and designers such as Maarten Baas, Arik Levy and Maxim Velčovský displayed a novel collection of lamps inspired by ice, which show a subtle balance of color and shape that result in true works of glass art.

Lasvit, founded in 2007 by Leon Jakimic in Prague, designs and manufactures contemporary lighting fixtures, artistic glass installations and exclusive collections made from glass. Based on traditions that date back to medieval times, when the kingdom of Bohemia was part of what is now the Czech Republic, Lasvit explores unique and unorthodox manufacturing techniques that put a stamp of exclusivity in the firm. Its creative audacity breaks conventional boundaries allowing a bold fusion of cutting edge technology with the most stunning luxury.


Lasvit‘s projects can be admired in many parts of the world, from Singapore to Los Angeles, London or Paris, and their clientele is as varied as their designs. A slender lamp, interlocking white glass “threads” and creating undulating volumes, designed for a private residence in Dubai, can leave you just as stunned as the huge bright green candle at Prague’s luxurious Florentinum hotel, irreverently imposed on the austere minimalism that surrounds it.

Another example of craftsmanship is the glass wall of the Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi, where an elaborate design of intertwined glass, lit with LED lights, appears to be a continuous flow of liquid in different shades of red.


Bubbles are another recurring element in their designs. The Hydrogen line by Lars Kemper and Peter Olah attracts the attention of architects with futuristic visions. Huge bubble panels are used to divide spaces, recreate floors or decorate ceilings. Lasvit Hydrogen is so versatile that it can be used in public or private spaces as well as in the lobbies of hotels, spas, boutiques and bars, where it becomes a focal point. With natural light by day and LED lighting at night, it delivers kaleidoscopic illusions.

Liquid crystal or LLK, designed by Ross Lovegrone, is another line from their architecture division. Here, the design aims to produce the optical effects created by moving water. The surfaces are inspired by the natural organic flow through dynamic and varied transparent panels that replace the conventional and monotonous large glass surfaces.


Lasvit pampers its clients and allows them to choose exactly what they want, under the supervision of architects and designers such as Fabio Novembre, Michael Young or Nendo studio, among others, who help them realize their fantasies.

PHOTOS: Courtesy Lasvit.

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