The Lakes by YOO: Comfort and Luxury in the Midst of Nature

Jesús Rosado

A modern concept of rural architecture in a sophisticated and relaxing setting.

Just 90 miles from London, The Lakes by YOO stands as one of the most beautiful rural architecture projects ever conceived in England. The property extends into the region of Cotswold through 650 hectares of idyllic forests and lakes where the firm has built a complex of exceptional residences for rent or purchase, in which contemporary sustainable design is successfully combined with the luxurious atmosphere of a bucolic paradise.

The splendid houses, located in the woods or facing one of the lakes, have the most modern amenities, and the design possibilities can be tailored to the personal vision of those who will inhabit them.The lakefront homes, including The Pool House, Bowmoor, The Annex, The Lodge Terrace, Lakehouse, and Warren; take advantage of the serene views of the water for inspiration and peace of mind, a perfect and delightful remedy against the urban frenzy. Each house shows a peculiar stylistic identity with unique plans for the spaces and terraces facing the water.

For the houses built in the woods, like the Starck House and the Barnhouse, YOO developers have conceived two different types of rural lofts inspired by traditional barns and other farm buildings, but with a modern approach using materials such as tiles or natural limestone bricks and green oak wood. All come with outdoor pools surrounded by lush vegetation to ensure absolute privacy.

All residences, both in the forest and the lakefront, are designed for optimal light, with noble finishes of the highest quality like wood and glass. The distribution of spaces cleverly combines the benefits of the open plan with satisfactory solutions to provide intimacy.

In addition to the large bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom, the well-equipped kitchens and beautiful living rooms, other luxuries can be added to the residences upon request: a sundeck, a roof lookout, a shed for bikes or boats, a library or a gym. The flexibility of the structures allows the rethinking of the original plan as well as the possibility of adding or removing rooms, even changing the position of a staircase connecting to an upper floor.

The complex has also been equipped with a sophisticated spa and other facilities of urban comfort that enhance this unique environment. Other amenities include concierge service, professional nannies, and highly rated personal chefs, and there is a planned infrastructure that allows the residents to practice canoeing or enjoy fishing, horseback riding, and ecological exploration.

The idea is to bring back the traditional weekend with activities on the lake, the family enjoying a barbecue on the patio, snacks with the children in the forest, biking, and observation of the wonders of the flora and fauna.

With all these options for isolation, tranquility, and enjoyment, The Lakes by Yoo offers relaxation surrounded by nature with the modern comforts of the city, as well as an existential experience, away from the urban hustle, where life is more pleasant and easygoing.

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