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La Cartuja De Sevilla: Ceramic Art Since 1841

J.M. Towers

True to its legacy of almost two centuries, Cartuja de Sevilla continues to offer ornamental pieces and table sets that combine the highest quality with the shapes, decorations and distinctive colors of its traditional style.


In 1822, the Englishman Charles Pickman arrived in Spain to continue the family business of marketing ceramic pieces manufactured in England; the ceramic tableware and toiletries were at the height of their popularity at the time.

La Cartuja de Sevilla

To take advantage of the atmosphere of protectionism, which favored the establishment of ceramic factories, Pickman decided to manufacture the products he wanted to sell locally, and by 1841 he had set up his factory inside the Carthusian monastery of Santa Maria de Las Cuevas, which gives its name to the island of La Cartuja in Seville. Since then, the names Pickman and Cartuja de Sevilla have been associated with the craft.

La Cartuja de Sevilla

Pickman introduced new manufacturing technologies and brought with him highly experienced British craftsmen. With the success of his pieces, which managed to create a characteristic style through innovative forms and colors, the British entrepreneur achieved an impressive expansion and growing demand, which continues until today. Cartuja de Sevilla is now the global leader in the ceramics sector. More about homes and decoration here.

La Cartuja de Sevilla

The craftsmanship and recognizable style of Cartuja de Sevilla products have validated the factory as the main supplier of royal and aristocratic houses for over 100 years. In addition, they have earned the public’s preference through an exceptional story of corporate longevity.

With more than 170 years of existence, Cartuja de Sevilla is currently undergoing an unprecedented renewal, which includes e-commerce and export. Today it has more than 100 outlets throughout Spain, from where they ship their egregious creations to the rest of Europe. Its main challenge is to become more visible in the U.S. and South America as well as in emerging markets such as Russia and Asia.

The renewal of Cartuja de Sevilla is a labor of love, devoting the same dedication and care to the artisanal tradition and the quality of its products, which soon will show new and trendy patterns and shapes. Cartuja de Sevilla continues to offer discerning clients ornamental pieces and table sets that combine the highest quality with tradition and history.

Its presence at France’s most important home products fair, Maison et Objets 2015, in Paris, will surely be a milestone in its long list of successes.

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