Mini Versions Of Contemporary Furniture By Iconic Designers

Montserrat Barba

Designer masterpieces to suit the scale and needs of the smallest members of the family.


Famous names from the world of design, from Verner Panton, Mies Van der Rohe, Phillip Starck to Harry Bertoia and Gaetano Pesce, as well as Jens Risom and Charles and Ray Eames, have created emblematic pieces that are now available in a children’s version.

VERNER PANTON // A carnival of color

Kids Furniture

Made from one piece to optimize the use of plastic and color, the Panton Chair revolutionized the world of design in 1967. Today it is part of history and displayed in major museums worldwide. This stackable chair, created by Verner Panton and manufactured by Vitra, has been produced since 2008 in a children´s version that comes in pink, blue, white, tangerine and dark lime, besides the classic red. With the same shape and identical materials, it is 25 percent smaller than the standard chair. Equally comfortable, it is perfect for a nursery, playroom or even an elementary school.

CHARLES & RAY EAMES // Is it a toy or an elephant?

Kids Furniture

This chair doubles as a toy elephant and was created originally in plywood by the Eames couple in 1945. Suited for outdoors or indoors, it’s a fun decorative object for the garden or a child´s room. The chair is manufactured by the German company Vitra in five different colors.

MIES VAN DER ROHE // The mini version of the most cosmopolitan chair

Kids Furniture

The Barcelona chair, designed in 1929 by architect Ludwig Mies van the Rohe, is one of the most recognizable objects of the past century. The German firm Knoll manufactures (by order) the junior version of the chair and stool in red or blue leather. A perfect duo for the little ones who want to read or relax.

PHILLIP STARCK // For the little princesses and princes

Kids Furniture

Following the success of their older sister, the Louis Ghost Chair, the French designer Phillip Starck joined the firm Kartell to create the baby version of this piece of aristocratic lines, sold in seven different colors. The Lou Ghost Chair is ergonomic and stylish and meant to help children learn how to sit on an adult structure. It is available in blue, purple, pink, yellow, black or white, and in a transparent version.

GAETANO PESCE // A fun armchair

Kids Furniture

The most recent icon of design to be adapted for children was the UPJ chair (“J” for Junior) by Italian designer Gaetano Pesce, creator of the 1969 UP series, which pays tribute to women and motherhood with its sinuous shapes. Now children over three years old can also enjoy this comfortable, playful seat that the B & B Italian firm manufactures in its striped or bright red design.

HARRY BERTOIA // Industrial-style comfort and beauty

Kids Furniture

Harry Bertoia´s Diamond chair, a classic of the 1950s is a masterpiece of functionality designed as a metal sculpture that fuses space and form. The original chair—marketed by Knoll—is made of welded steel rods. In its children’s version, it is ideal for a playground. The Diamond Chair comes with an orange, blue, pink or kiwi protective pad or cover.

JENS RISOM // Scandinavian Design to do their homework

Kids Furniture

Jens Risom popularized the Scandinavian contemporary design in the United States. Creator of one of the most famous series of chairs— the “600” line— Risom is an advocate of simple lines and ecological use of materials. His small-scale pieces include the Amoeba table and the Child’s Side Chair, a perfect set for working on homework and crafts.

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